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Best Crystals To Combat Stress and Anxiety

Written by Wishpond


We live in a stressful society. Work, bills, debts, and the economic situation all contribute to a mass of problems that clutter the mind and reduce focus. Even our day-to-day tasks at home can result in over-thinking things, and one’s health is inevitably affected. Ancient Element Creations has a wide selection of crystals to help you deal with stress and anxiety.

Best Crystals to Combat Stress

Amethyst Purple Crystal

Purple crystals are best associated with healing the symptoms of stress. There is Charoite, Fluorite, and Amethyst.  Amethyst is the most popular of the purple crystals and is widely considered one of the most effective crystals for healing. It is known as a master healer for all systems of the body, very spiritual and aligned with the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. Amethyst is said to help you to think at your highest level and remain focused in all situations. Fans of amethyst say that it is perfect for meditation and recommend keeping an amethyst stone or two in the bedroom as they calm down the pineal gland and help adjust sleep patterns.

Staying grounded and centered is very important when dealing with people and their energies, as you don’t want them to affect you in a negative way. Black Tourmaline – also known as Schorl – is seen as one of the best crystals to protect you from negative energy, and is believed to promote a relaxed outlook and disperse tension. Did you know that many crystal users counter electromagnetic stress from office PCs by placing a piece of Black Tourmaline between themselves and their computer monitor? Try it for yourself and see how it affects your working day and mood.

Which Calming Stones Relieve Anxiety When Trying to Sleep?

Anxious thoughts are a common cause of sleep problems. The later it gets, the more anxious we get about not sleeping, and the harder sleep becomes – it’s a vicious cycle!

Of course, you should always seek medical help if you have issues with sleep, as it’s essential for your body, mind, and general wellness. But there are certain crystals and stones I’ve found to help with sleep anxiety, such as lepidolite and amethyst. Rose quartz can also have a calming effect on anxiety-related to insomnia.

Which Crystals Are Best for Travel Anxiety?

There are many travel crystals that can help with anxiety, but amethyst and yellow jasper are two of my favorites. They both reduce the anxiety associated with new locations and unfamiliar experiences.

Anxiety can be a curse to our enjoyment of life. It may strike at any time and transforms positive experiences into one's filled with stress and negativity. In extreme cases, it can even cause panic attacks.

While severe or prolonged anxiety should be addressed by a medical professional, the power of crystals may help to ease tension, reduce stress and allow you to breathe more deeply.

How To Use Crystals For Protection

Now that you’ve chosen your protective gem (or gems), how do you use them to get the most benefits? Holding, wearing, or even just having protective stones near can make you feel calmer and protect you from negative vibes, but it isn’t always convenient to run around town with a crystal in one hand!

Protection Gem Necklace

Jewelry is the most popular and easy way to incorporate protective gems into your everyday life. From rings to necklaces, when worn as a piece of jewelry the vibrations of protective crystals will surround you with the circle of energetic light, protecting you from both material and invisible entities. Incorporating raw crystals into your jewelry will release the unbridled power of your crystals. Raw crystals have had minimal human interference so they are able to emit their energies in their purest form, as well as making for unique and striking jewelry.

Make sure to cleanse your crystal friends before you use them. There are many different ways you can do this. One way is to let them soak up the sunlight or moonlight, immerse them in running water or you can cleanse them with sound by playing a single tone or pitch, like a singing bowl or chanting.

After you’ve cleaned your crystal, hold it and use it as a focal point while you meditate to set an intention for your protective crystal. Is there a special purpose you would like it to combat? Focusing your thoughts will encourage a harmonious relationship with your crystals and a healthy state of mind. If you don’t want to wear your protective stone, try keeping one in your pocket or purse. You can even put one on your work-from-home desk to send you good vibes throughout the day (and add a bit of glitz to your workday).

What do you need protection from in your life? At  Ancient Element Creations, we have all your favorite protective gems to keep you looking and feeling great. Visit our website today to find the best gem for you.



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