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What crystals are best to get rid of bad energy?

Written by Wishpond


Is it time to let go of negative thoughts?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the negativity in the world? It seems to be everywhere. From overbearing bosses to lethargic coworkers, nagging in-laws to rude young hooligans, where does it end? 

Even strangers in the streets are full of road rage. Perhaps you have your own angry outbursts to contend with. We have been conditioned to negative thought patterns from a young age. Born with the instinct to survive, we are naturally skeptical and cautious of the unknown.

In school, we are taught to be competitive and fear failure. People are pit against each other, and this breeds a society riddled with negative behavior. In fact, it is so ingrained into the psyche that we are usually unaware of our own negativity.

Evade energy vampires, naysayers, and bad influences by utilizing the power of protective crystals. Shedding destructive people and unwanted thoughts helps you focus on the positive things you can do and achieve in your life. 

What crystals are for protecting against negative energy?

Crystals against bad energy

You need protection from all kinds of negative energies. Negativity seems to be all around: in your own doubts and dark thoughts, external dangers, violence, foul neighbors, the list goes on and on.

Protection crystals exist to help you escape these exact problems and situations. Let your inner light shine bright when you keep away the dark forces with healing stones.

Most black and brown stones are effective in providing a grounding, protected energy. However, protection stones of other colors also have their powers. 

Top 15 Crystals for Negative Energy Removal

Protective Crystals and Gems

Here are the top fifteen recommended crystals for protection along with a brief description of their protective properties, in no particular order.

  • Tourmaline: Best crystal for protection from negative energy on physical or astral journeys. Excellent in keeping you safe when coming into contact with unwanted entities. 
  • Obsidian: Best crystal to protect you from the negative energy of other people. It is a must-have stone for healers while they do therapy sessions on clients. Also great for those who are around a lot of anger or illness, such as hospital workers to customer service representatives. Additionally, Snowflake  Obsidian is a great crystal in purifying negative thoughts to positive. Rainbow Obsidian brings in joy and helps to let go of the past, protecting your aura from depressing tensions.
  • Onyx: Best crystal to release negative energy from your own aura.
  • Jet: Best crystal to protect you against outside forces like violence. This lightweight, crystallized wood has long been used as a talisman against violence. Energetically program a Jet stone to protect you and to help transform your situation to a positive experience. Because of its weight, it is easy to carry with you or wear a large chunk of jewelry form. 
  • Labradorite: Best crystal to deflect unwanted energies while you channel or enter a light trance.
  • Tigers Eye: Best crystal to watch over and guide you, just like a protective Tiger spirit animal.
  • Pyrite: Best crystal to shield you from negative energy so you can sustain positive energy, health, and intellect. Pyrite is great in deflecting unwanted energies. It is very popular in gridding your house or space to keep out negative influences. Place Pyrite crystals in each corner of the room, bed, car, office or whatever space needs protection.
  • Lava: Best protective energy that keeps you strong and grounded in times of trouble.
  • Hematite: Best protective crystal for everyday safety.
  • Shungite: Best crystal to protect you from unwanted radiation and the Evil Eye.
  • Kambaba Jasper: Best crystal to watch over your home or space. This is also known as Crocodile Jasper for its green color and black eye-like patterns.
  • Carnelian: Best crystal to protect you against psychic attacks. Psychic attacks can be negative thoughts that are sent to you consciously or subconsciously.
  • Selenite: Best crystal to seal your aura. It helps keep you in a protective bubble, not letting your energies drain from your personal space.
  • Turquoise: Best crystal to keep you safe during your travels. Also known as travelers' stones, Turquoise crystals can be carried with you or worn on your journeys to protect against unknown dangers.
  • Smoky Quartz: Best crystal to counteract the negative influences of electromagnetic radiation. Place these near your computer, TV, microwave, and cell phones so not to be drained by electrical forces.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a die-hard, there is one thing we know for sure: dazzling gemstones and crystals capture the imagination and ignite the senses. If you need to ward off bad vibes or just want an excuse to get yourself a sparkly treat, at Ancient Element Creations we have all your favorite protective gems to keep you looking and feeling great.



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