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Expanded Horizons Necklace


Empowerment · Wisdom · Creativity

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown
Element: Air

If you’re looking to grow, or actually start that project that’s been in the back of your mind, the Expanded Horizons Crystal Necklace is what you need in your life. It’s a great tool for revitalizing your visions and giving you that encouraging, clear-headed feeling that will let you flourish in your endeavors. The Lightning Azurite crystal pendant invites in inspirational energy making it a powerful companion on your journey.

  • Lightning Azurite Pendant 1½" by 1¼"
  • 21” Necklace
  • Silver Tone Clasp

This piece may give you the boost you need to begin or complete a project! The energies of Lightning Azurite and Apatite work together to bring insight, vision, and access to knowledge to all your endeavors. Jasper brings organization, imagination, protection and grounding.

Azurite stimulates creativity and enhances intuition, making it the perfect companion when you need some inspirational energy. It helps to clear the mind of negative thought patterns, inviting in more vibrant ones. 

Apatite is fantastic for lighting the fire for existing goals and fueling passion and motivation in new areas. The determination and zest for life that the apatite stone fills you with will push you to explore new interests and opportunities. Coupled with this stone's action-focused energy, you'll likely find yourself on a path you've only ever dreamt of.

Jasper sustains and supports through times of stress. It provides protection, while also absorbing any negative energies that may surround you. It’s a nurturing stone that brings contentment, giving you the energy and determination needed to see things through.

Affirmation: I am aligning myself with success and fulfillment in all of my aspirations. 

Everything we offer is blessed using a combination of Reiki and White Time Healing. This process awakens the spirit of the piece and enhances it's ability to intelligently and intuitively give you the healing you need. It also helps the crystals easily adapt as your healing needs change, making them a versatile tool for your spritual journey.

Orders usually arrive in 2-3 business days, please allow one to two business day for processing.

Adornments are sent in a box packed with dried flowers and are energetically cleared prior to shipping. If you prefer not to receive the dried flowers please leave a note during checkout and it will be sent in a black gift bag instead.