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Joyful Play Necklace and Bracelet Set


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Playfulness · Emotional Balance · Joy 

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root
Element: Fire

We all just want our little ones to be happy, don’t we? The Joyful Creative Set is a children's crystal jewelry set that invites in happiness, optimism, and positivity to a child’s life. This Citrine crystal bracelet and necklace have a warm, protective vibration that radiates joy to everyone around it. So your child, and the other’s that surround them, will naturally feel more bright and cheery. It's great for any child that experiences times of anger or sadness. So no matter what the situation, let the bright citrine crystals on this necklace improve their ability to think clearly and creatively. This healing crystal jewelry set is part of our kid's crystal jewelry collection. 

  • Gold-tone screw clasp

To ensure a perfect fit please measure and leave the desired length in notes.

Powered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses, and energizes the Solar Plexus Chakra.  It's an abundance magnet and will give its companion the energy and self-discipline to study well and go after their dreams. Citrine crystals help to stimulate a child’s imagination, bringing out their wonderful creative side.

Affirmation: I have lots of creative ideas and feel happy to share them. 

    Everything we offer is blessed using a combination of Reiki and White Time Healing. This process awakens the spirit of the piece and enhances it's ability to intelligently and intuitively give you the healing you need. It also helps the crystals easily adapt as your healing needs change, making them a versatile tool for your spritual journey.

    Orders usually arrive in 2-3 business days, please allow one to two business day for processing.

    Adornments are sent in a box packed with dried flowers and are energetically cleared prior to shipping. If you prefer not to receive the dried flowers please leave a note during checkout and it will be sent in a black gift bag instead.