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Handmade In Arizona

Unique pieces of functional art and energetic tools, charged with Reiki and Universal White Time Healing, to support your energy bodies and healing process so you can radiate and share your inner beauty with all 

Take a look around and see what you're drawn to!

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blue impression jasper crystal healing bracelet

Tranquil Mind Bracelet


pink rose quartz crystal bracelet with chip beads

Loving Goddess Bracelet


labradorite crystal bracelet in gift box with flowers

Awaken & Evolve Bracelet


flourite crystal bracelet with chip beads

Peace of Mind Bracelet


heart chakra meditation kit with rose quartz crystal rose quartz bracelet essential oils and green candle

Heart Chakra Kit


middle age woman laying down receiving a crystal healing treatment with clear quartz on her forehead and citrine by her head

Angelic Crystal Healing


third eye chakra meditation kit with amethyst crystal amethyst bracelet essential oils and blue candle

Third Eye Chakra Kit


woman laying down with eyes closed receiving reiki treatment

Reiki Distance Healing


crown chakra meditation kit with clear quartz crystal clear quartz bracelet essential oils and purple candle

Crown Chakra Kit


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Crystal Bracelets

lapis lazuli tiger eye garnet crystal healing bracelet with gold spacers Shop Crystal Bracelets

Why Wear Crystal Jewelry?

Crystals emit vibrations that resonate with specific energies. By picking crystals that match the resonance  we want and bringing them in to our energy field, we can influence our field and bring that energy in to our experience

This resonance effect is exponentially increased when paired with energy healing techniques, as all AEC products are!

Crystal Necklaces

labradorite crystal healing necklace with labradorite teardrop pendantShop Crystal Necklaces
Cosmic Care Box Ancient Element Creations

Align with the Cosmos

Have you ever felt like there was an unexpected change in your life that threw you off balance? Do you ever wish you knew exactly which crystals to use and which meditations to do help you stay in balance?

Our Cosmic Care Box is curated to do just that! It comes with a week by week astrological outlook of the energies, with intentions and affirmations specific to each week, multiple meditations and all the crystals needed to do them, as well as a bracelet or necklace made with the gemstones of the planetary ruler of that month. It's everything you need to connect your spiritual practice and self care with the energies of the Cosmos.

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Heart Chakra Crystal jewelry
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Third Eye Chakra Crystal jewelry
Crown Chakra Crystal jewelry

Chakra Kits

Complete chakra healing kits with crystals essential oils guided meditation and energy healing

Chakra Kits

Complete kits incorporating crystals, energy healing, guided meditation and direct engagement of the central nervous system through the use of essential oils specific to each chakra. Creating the pathway for deep connection and healing at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels

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What is Energy Healing?

What is energy healing - energy healing is another way to engage the energy field and subtle energies in our body to influence our experience. It can be used for physical trauma, emotional trauma, gaining internal clarity and much more. Because it’s done by working directly with the subtle energies and doesn’t require a physical touch, it can be done in person or from a distance

Your first session is free so give it a shot!

What Our Clients Say

"I didn’t know what to expect so I put aside my anxiety and scheduled my first Crystal Healing with Terry. I’m so glad I did! Terry has a beautiful soul and I felt totally safe with her guiding me through our distance healing. I was able to relax my body, release tensions and emotions, and experience a feeling of balance and well-being. I would recommend the Crystal Healing to anyone who is interested and I’m eager to experience another distance healing. Thank you, Terry."

- Dianne R.

About Ancient Element Creations

Handmade in Arizona, all of our adornments are designed for personal growth and empowerment

Every product is charged, cleansed and awakened through a combination of modern and ancient energy healing methods

We offer in person and distance healing sessions, as well as other healing tools to help you achieve holistic wellness on all levels

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