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Who we are

Ancient Element Creations is a family owned and operated handmade crystal jewelry store and a team of alternative healing practitioners. We are a family that is passionate about personal growth and development through the practice of energy work, crystal healing, and other spiritual practices. We also use these practices to aid in physical, mental and emotional healing, usually in alongside other divine forms of alternative healing.

How did we get started with energy work?

Each motivated by our own life changing, and in some cases life saving, experiences with energy healing; we began to dive deeper into this ancient art to learn more. What we found was that the possibilities are limitless and the benefits are so profound. Under the guidance of advanced energy healing practitioners, Reiki masters and alternative healing practitioners we developed our own skills and set out to share the gift we had been given with others.

Why ceramic and crystal jewelry?

Terry and Tina began making handcrafted jewelry in 2007 as a form of creative expression, and over time it became a family practice.

A life long interest in crystals developed into a passion as it joined with our path of spiritual growth and transformation. As we continued to learn more about the endless possibilities of energy healing, we gained even more appreciation for the equally endless healing properties of crystals and how they work so powerfully when integrated with the other modalities of spiritual and energy work. 

Exploring the southwest since 1974, Terry was inspired by ancient southwestern art and began making pottery. This evolved into making ceramic jewelry and learning different forms of beading and wire wrapping. As we learned the benefits of crystals, we learned that clay has many benefits too. When charged with energy, like ours are, these clay pieces are intended to be part of your collection of healing jewelry. For us, these pieces are a way to share our gorgeous sources of inspiration too. 

Our Goal

We created Ancient Element creations as a way for us to share some of the techniques and tools we use in ways that are easy to access and benefit from. While we encourage everyone to take the time to learn these holistic healing modalities for themselves, everything we provide here is intended to be useable for any experience level, even complete beginners. Getting started is an exciting place to be. It wasn’t that long ago that we were doing the same, and in many ways it feels like we still are. While it may take some time to get it all out there, our goal is to provide everything we wish we knew when we started and everything we learn as we continue to grow.