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The Power of Crystals

Stones and crystals have been created by our wonderful universe, in and on the earth, and have been cherished by humans for millennia. Semi-precious stones are made up of amazing elements, and when we come into contact with them we are essentially receiving the power of the sun, the stars, the moon and our own planet, Earth. From the Aztecs, to Ayurvedic doctors, to modern day alternative healers, stones and crystals are believed to possess healing powers. With the direct connection to the universe around us, crystals and stones can be universally healing. And as

more people are becoming attuned to themselves and the energies around them, crystals have become popular tools to accompany them on the journey. 

The people of ancient civilizations used crystals as talismans, peace offerings and enhancement of spiritual connection as well as for physical and emotional healing. Depending on what the stone or crystal is made up of, how it was made, its shape and color, and how we interact with it will determine the energies and vibrations it emits.  

For example, a the gorgeous turquoise crystal, can help to give us strength. It can exude a sense of calm into our souls and clear negative energy from around us. Jewelry made of Jasper is very nurturing and can work to heal us in different ways, depending on what type of Jasper it is. Amethyst crystal is a protector, it also balances highs and lows and helps with memory, insomnia, motivation, spirituality and many other things. These are just a few of the countless crystals out there in our wonderful world, that can be used to incorporate into our daily lives. 


Wearing gemstone jewelry as a form of adornment goes way back to ancient times. Back then, it was a practice among the more wealthy members of society to show affluence and power. Nonetheless, there was still, and still are, deeper and more sacred meanings to crystals that were specifically chosen for their properties of empowerment, protection, health and prosperity. Having crystals around is a way to connect back to nature and the universe.

In Ancient Egypt, stones were inlaid in jewelry and also worked into the sarcophagus and death masks of the pharaohs. King Tut’s mask in the Cairo museum is a stunning example of craftsmanship in gold inlaid with lapis lazuli, and carnelian (among other stones). Queen Cleopatra was said to wear carnelian necklaces, amethyst jewels and lapis lazuli eye make-up.

Wearing crystal jewelry can be beneficial in so many ways, restoring balance and bringing you into alignment. When it comes to energy, crystals and stones can have a positive effect on your energy field and general well-being. Whether you are seeking to ignite vibrancy and passion, a more peaceful and calming energy, love and happiness, or hoping to increase your intuition and your connection to the divine, crystal jewelry can help you walk the path. 

Putting the crystals in contact with your skin can deliver the greatest benefits from their energetic vibrations. While wearing gemstones in any form can be helpful, it’s generally accepted that crystals that touch your skin directly are more beneficial than a stone that is entirely encased in a metal or silver. That’s one of the reasons we love crystal bracelets so much. They are a simple and practical way to infuse your energy field with some of earth's divine medicine.  
For the purposes of crystal healing and working with crystals in your energy field, having stones come into direct contact with your skin is preferred. Gemstone jewelry made entirely of natural stone or with an open back allow for direct connection. In the same vein, wire wrapped stones are another great option.

Now don’t get me wrong, jewelry that is encased, so that the stone is not directly touching skin, are still absolutely wonderful and   

beneficial. Either way, the stone is still in your energy field and working at a subtle level, sweetly raising your vibration. 


Everything in the universe is energy...everything, including stones, crystals and people. And, everything vibrates, each in its own unique way when compared to anything else. Another important part of the answer to this question is that everything in creation affects everything else. A stone resonates with whatever is around it and affects the vibration of anything that is nearby. When we hold or wear a stone or a crystal, its vibration affects our vibration, and that affects us!

A magical thing about any crystal is that its power lies "in the eye of the beholder." Many that work with crystals will tell you that one of the most important aspects of working with these divine gifts of the earth is mindfulness.

Taking the time to figure out which crystal or stone will help you to achieve a certain physical/emotional/spiritual state not only forces you to assess where you are now, but also where you see yourself going in your future. Wearing a crystal and/or having them in your space, can serve as a reminder that brings that mindfulness to you more frequently..


Healing stones can be used to manifest our intentions, those goals and dreams of what we want to happen in our lives, how we want to be as a human. When we know clearly what we intend and how the vibration of a particular stone or crystal affects us, we can hold or wear the stone that produces the effect that we want in our lives and what we need, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we focus on what we intend to happen, for ourselves, for others or for the environment, we create powerful vibrations within ourselves.

If we do this with enough clarity and focus while holding or wearing a crystal or stone, the vibrations of that ancient element will resonate with the vibrations coming from us, and this vibrational field will be very powerful. There is a current created and our intention sends that energy into the world. The more specific our intention is, the more powerful it is! Be sure that you are very clear about what you intend. If you don’t know for sure what you intend, what happens may not be what you want at all! There is scientific evidence showing how important our thoughts can be. What we think and intend may be much more powerful than we can even imagine.

When we select specific stones to work with and enhance them with our intentions, their vibrations continue to affect us by helping clear unwanted energy like stress from the system, dissolve blocked energy like pain or tension, increase the flow of energy and vitality through the body, and infuse a positive energy like calm or optimism. Another way that they continue to help us is that they are a beautiful reminder of our intentions. If we take the time to really get to know the crystals and stones we work with, and the energies they share, what we feel in their presence is a very strong reminder of the changes we intend.