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Amethyst Heart Geode


Intuition · Spiritual Growth · Protection

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown & Soul Star 
Element: Air & Ether

Decorate your space with this Large Amethyst Heart Geode to create a relaxed, calm and protected vibe. Amethyst is a go-to stone for many metaphysicians because of its powerful protective properties and its ability to transmute lower vibrational energies into higher vibrations. It is so effective in clearing any blockages in your chakras, your body’s energy centers, especially the Third Eye and Crown chakras. As these energy centers move into balance, your intuition and inspiration are enhanced, giving you clarity and insight. You’ll better understand what’s in front of you and be able to get through difficult choices. Amethyst is excellent stone to have in your meditative space or bedroom.

Amethyst healing properties include dealing with forms of addictive behavior, relieving stress, encouraging inner strength, improving intuition and connecting the physical plane to the higher realms.

  • Size:  ~ 2.5" x 2.75" x .75" / 6.5 - 7 oz

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