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Libra Crystal Zodiac Bracelet



Black Tourmaline · Clear Quartz · Amethyst · Citrine

Ruler: Venus 

Libras are the peacemakers of the zodiac. They put fairness and justice above all else, often including themselves. Because of this, and their excellent listening skills, there is no better mediator than a Libra. However, Libras tendency to be fair to everyone can cause them to be a bit indecisive and a bit of a pushover sometimes. Libras are at their best when they strong in their sense of being, so they can bring this much needed energy to their interactions with confidence. 

Black Tourmaline provides protection and grounding to airy Libra. Black Tourmaline resonates with all chakras so it is often used to purify them of negative energy and rebalance them. Keep Black Tourmaline near them helps Libras remain present in the moment and keeps their aura protected. 

Clear Quartz brings clarity to the mind of Libra, therefore helping them be more decisive. Like Black Tourmaline, it also balances the chakras. Libras, who love balance, will appreciate the extra support in this way. Clear Quartz is also and amplifier, so it enhances the properties of the other crystals in this bracelet.

If there’s one crystal everyone should have, it’s Amethyst. It’s pretty much good at everything, making it as versatile as it gets. Amethyst is most often used for stress relief, connection with higher realms and spiritual protection. It is also very effective for processing difficult emotions and getting in to a centered state of being.

Citrine is a stone of abundance and manifestation. Resonating with the Solar Plexus, it is also a stone of boundaries providing extra support airy Libra. The Solar Plexus is the center of the body, so tapping in to this place helps Libra find their own personal power strength. 

Your gorgeous new crystal bracelet will already be activated before it is shipped to you. Meaning all you need to do is keep it in your aura (wear or keep in pocket/purse) to receive it's benefits. However, you can take it a step further by consciously working with it towards your goals.

Each side of our body has different meaning and has an influence on the results we get from our crystal jewelry. Wearing Crystal Bracelets on different sides of your body impacts you in different ways. When you wear your crystal bracelet on the wrist of your receptive side, you can make internal shifts. Wearing your crystal bracelet on the wrist of your projective side allows you to control the energy you put into your outside environment.

For many people the right side is projective and the left is receptive, but some for this is reversed. 

How to Tell: Interlace your fingers. Whichever side is naturally on top is you projective hand, with the other being your recpetive.

Projective Side: Place your crystal bracelet on this side when you want to send its power outward and give its healing properties to others or your environment.

Receptive Side: Place your crystal bracelet on this side when you want to personally receive its healing energy and enjoy an internal benefit.

Please keep in mind that while some problems seem to resolve themselves, many times it will take effort and work on your part. Energy healing tools are here to help you, guide you and give you the support you need, but they can't do the work for you. 

For best results, use/wear it daily until your goal is achieved (it's ok to take off jewelry at night).

Before shipping, everything we offer is cleared using Selenite, and then cleared and charged again using the energy healing practices of both Reiki and Universal White Time Healing. This greatly enhances the properties and effectiveness of the crystals. 

This process awakens the spirit of the piece and enhances it's ability to intelligently and intuitively give you the healing you need. It also helps the crystals easily adapt as your healing needs change, making them a versatile tool for your spritual journey.

XS - 6in

S - 6.5in

M - 7in

L - 7.5in

XL - 8in

To guarantee best fit we recommend measuring before purchase. An easy way is to use a piece of paper and a ruler, wrapping the paper around your wrist and measuring the resulting length with the ruler

Orders usually arrive in 2-3 business days, please allow one to two business day for processing.

Adornments are sent in a jewelry box packed with gift tissue and are energetically cleared prior to shipping. 

Quaility is important to us, that's why we back all of our adornments with a Free Repairs Forever guarantee. Thats right, FOREVER! If any of our products break for any reason we will put them back together for you for free, even in your next life. Don't worry we'll remember you!

All we ask is that you just pay shipping and do your best to collect the majority of the beads. If less than 85% of the beads have been collected we can still do the repair, but we will need to charge a small fee to cover the costs of the replacement beads. Once you ship the beads back to us we'll have it repaired and shipped back out to you in a couple of days.

Note: If a pendant breaks there will be a discounted charge to replace the pendant. For one of a kind products we are not able to replace the pendants as they are 100% unique. However, in certain circumstances we may be able to create a similar pendant as a replacement.