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Pisces Crystal Box


The Pisces Crystal Box is designed to perfectly accommodate the needs of dreamy Pisces. Our Sun sign is a summary of a large part of the energies that make up the essence of who we are and what motivates us. Working with crystals that resonate with our sign can help us improve our strengths and balance out our weaknesses. 

This set will provide Pisces freedom from worry:

This Water Sign’s mind can quickly turn into troubled waters. To let go of the anxiety and fretful thought patterns that Pisces can swim into, this set contains an extra small Aquamarine to enhance heartfelt self-expression and bring to Pisces the soothing nature of the ocean, a medium Amethyst for calming the mind and improving sleep, and a medium Turquoise for honest, free-flowing communication, so that they may find the strength to let it out with a friend, instead of wallowing in worry.

This set will bring happiness to Pisces:

Pisces the creative dreamer can become lost in the ups and downs of their emotions. 

This set includes one extra small Blue Lace Agate which will calm Pisces turbulent thoughts and feelings, one small Fluorite to improve focus and balance to this easily distracted Water Sign, and one small Citrine to amplify Pisces joy, happiness and confidence.

This set will ground Pisces:

Whimsical and sensitive Pisces sometimes need a bit of help finding their sea legs, and this set will help them do just that. This set contains one extra small Bloodstone, which enhances the connection between Pisces Heart Chakra and Root Chakra, ensuring that their hopes and dreams remain rooted in action. The box also includes one medium Black Tourmaline, which is an excellent stone to keep dreamy Pisces grounded and protected while facing heavy emotions.  

This is the essential collection of crystals for those born between February 19 and March 20.