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Sagittarius Crystal Box


The Sagittarius Crystal Box has been tailored to fit the needs of freedom-loving Sagittarius. Our Sun sign is a summary of a large part of the energies that make up the essence of who we are and what motivates us. Working with crystals that resonate with our sign can help us improve our strengths and balance out our weaknesses.

This box will help promote wisdom:

Sagittarius is a natural philosopher, and loves nothing more than pondering the big questions. To aid Sagittarius in their lifelong pursuit of curiosity, this set contains a small Turquoise, for enhancing heart-felt communication and creativity, a medium Lapis Lazuli, for promoting self-awareness and truthfulness, and a large Sodalite, for connecting to intuition and improving self-esteem. 

This box will provide energetic clarity to Sagittarius:

It’s important for this sign represented by the Archer to maintain the clear, joyous energy that propels them out into the world like an arrow. This set will maintain this power as it contains a small Citrine, excellent for encouraging Sagittarius to connect with their natural happy aura and a small Snowflake Obsidian to provide inward focus, balance and purity of the mind and body. 

This set will allow Sagittarius to focus on the bigger picture:

Sagittarius thrive when they can sense the grand scheme of things and their purpose within it. The set contains an extra small Azurite to help Sagittarius connect to their higher self and trust in their intuition and the universe, an extra small Labradorite to enhance psychic abilities and assist in divination practices, and a medium Charoite, to promote lucidity, clarity and remain grounded in life’s larger patterns and truths. 

This is the essential collection of crystals for those born between November 22 and December 21.