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Chakras: Heart & Root
Element: Fire & Earth

Associated with the Heart Chakra, Rhodonite is widely used to heal emotional damage. Its energies help to settle emotional stress giving you those necessary nurturing feels in times you need them most. Rhodonite helps heal wounds from the past and supports you in regaining inner balance. It focuses on giving you the patience and compassion needed to start your healing journey. With Rhodonite you will feel inspired to increase your self love and care.

Rhodonite also keeps you grounded and shields you from panic and emotional shocks. For anyone going through difficult times, like many of us are right now, Rhodonite stones will keep us focused and brave in the midst of difficult challenges. It helps work through feelings of anger and bitterness, including self-destructive thoughts and inclinations.


  • Extra Small: 4-7g, .75"-1"
  • Small: 8- 14 g / .5"-1.25"
  • Medium: 15 - 22 g / .75" - 1.25"
  • Large: 23 - 30 g / .75"- 1.25"
  • Extra Large: 31 - 45 g, 1.25'-1.5"

Orders usually arrive in 2-3 business days, please allow one to two business day for processing.

Tumbled crystals are shipped in a burlap gift bag and include informational cards that summarize their properties as well as corresponding chakras and elements.

Large crystals, crystal points and selenite bowls are bubble wrapped and shipped in a box for safety.