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Apache Tear



Grounding · Protection · Healing

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus & Heart
Elements: Earth & Fire

Apache Tears are known as a type of Obsidian variety native to Mexico, that help in cultivating strength and stamina. The energies of Apache Tears are slightly more gentle than Obsidian, allowing you to emotionally cleanse your body from situations or challenges that may still be affecting you. The peaceful grounding and protective energies of Apache Tears help to ease anxiety and fear throughout this process. As a stone that strongly resonates with the Root Chakra, you’ll feel extra supported in your healing journey with these stones by your side.

  • Size:
    • Extra Small:  4-7g, .75"-1"  
    • Small: 8 - 14g, 1"
    • Medium:  15-22g, 1"-1.25"
    • Large: 23-30g, 1"-1.75"
    • Extra Large:  31-50g, 1.25"

Orders usually arrive in 2-3 business days, please allow one to two business day for processing.

Tumbled crystals are shipped in a burlap gift bag and include informational cards that summarize their properties as well as corresponding chakras and elements.

Large crystals, crystal points and selenite bowls are bubble wrapped and shipped in a box for safety.