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Aries Crystal Box


The Aries Crystal Box is specially tailored to suit the needs of those born under the blazing sign of Aries. Our Sun sign is a summary of a large part of the energies that make up the essence of who we are and what motivates us. Working with crystals that resonate with our sign can help us improve our strengths and balance out our weaknesses.

The box will help Aries handle their emotions gracefully:

It contains one small Bloodstone, the perfect tool to anchor this Fire Sign’s red-hot heart to their Root Chakra, one small Aquamarine for when the Aries flames need to be doused in cooling waters and one small Fire Agate to soothe, calm and ground the Ram-ruled Sign. 

This box will allow Aries to manifest:

It contains one medium Green Aventurine to bring prosperity and luck to their endeavours, one small Carnelian to keep their spontaneous energy balanced and burning even throughout their pursuits, and one small Citrine, to tap into this sign’s natural joy, creativity and motivation. 

This box will provide Aries with rest:

Aries are incredibly active, so a little help staying centered goes a long way. With this in mind, the set contains one medium Red Jasper that will bring soaring Aries back down to earth, and one small Apache Tear, whose gentle energy will draw out any bottled-up Aries sadness, and put this explosive sign at ease.

This is the essential collection of crystals for those born between March 21 and April 19.