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Revitalizing · Emotional Healing · Balance

Chakras: Heart & Root 
Element: Earth

Garnet reignites our passion and motivates us to focus on the things that bring us joy, pleasure, and happiness. This stone is powerful for the Heart and Root chakras, making it an excellent stone for helping us in feeling grounded, secure and safe in our relationships. When we feel stable and present in our relationships, we naturally give and receive more love.


    • Extra Small: 4-7g, .5"
    • Small: 8-14g, .5"-1"
    • Medium: 15-22g, .75"-1.25"
    • Large: 23-29g, .75"-1.25"
    • Extra Large: 30-39g, 1"-1.25"
    • Extra Extra Large:  40-52g, 1"-1.5"

Orders usually arrive in 2-3 business days, please allow one to two business day for processing.

Tumbled crystals are shipped in a burlap gift bag and include informational cards that summarize their properties as well as corresponding chakras and elements.

Large crystals, crystal points and selenite bowls are bubble wrapped and shipped in a box for safety.