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Glow of the Moon Necklace


Flow · Harmony · New beginnings

Chakras: Heart, Sacral, Third Eye, Crown
Element: Water

Cleanse your mind and discover the true gems that lie deep within yourself. The Glow of the Moon Necklace helps to center the spirit and shows us the connection between ourselves and the divine cycle of life. This moonstone crystal healing necklace will unlock your potential, trust in the power you have within and allow yourself to connect to the universal rhythms of life. Our reiki infused moonstone necklace is part of our healing crystal jewelry range. 

  • Moonstone Points 1¼” by ¾”
  • 20” Necklace
  • Silver Tone Clasp

Moonstone enhances self-discovery, insight and intuition. It has been called a stone of new beginnings. It calms and stabilizes emotions and soothes stress. Moonstone balances hormones and alleviates menstrual difficulties. It enhances psychic abilities and helps you to accept them. Moonstone balances the Heart Chakra, allowing you to be more receptive and in touch with your inner feelings.

Affirmation: I manifest my desires with ease and flow by learning to trust the journey, even when I may not understand it.

    Any crystal properties and spiritual meanings listed are meant to be purely informational and are based on popular spiritual belief systems. These are NOT a substitute for medical care. If you have a physical or mental illness, please see a doctor or mental health professional.

    Everything we offer is blessed using a combination of Reiki and White Time Healing. This process awakens the spirit of the piece and enhances it's ability to intelligently and intuitively give you the healing you need. It also helps the crystals easily adapt as your healing needs change, making them a versatile tool for your spritual journey.

    Orders usually arrive in 2-3 business days, please allow one to two business day for processing.

    Adornments are sent in a box packed with dried flowers and are energetically cleared prior to shipping. If you prefer not to receive the dried flowers please leave a note during checkout and it will be sent in a black gift bag instead.