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Moss Agate



2Stability · Higher Purpose · Recovery

Chakras: Root & Heart
Element: Earth

Moss Agate is a clear stone with dark green inclusions that closely resemble the appearance of moss. It helps to stabilize both the body and the mind. Working with this stone can increase your concentration and persistence in achieving your goals. Moss Agate has been known to enhance endurance and physical health making it a great workout buddy. It also is an excellent companion for those on the journey of recovery from illness or addiction. Moss Agate is a grounding stone that eases mood swings and helps you to connect with nature and enjoy a more peaceful disposition. Find and stick with your higher purpose in the presence of the vibrations of this beautiful crystal.


    • Small: 4 - 7g / .50-.75"
    • Medium: 8 - 14g / .75" - 1"
    • Large:  15-22g, 1"-1.5"

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