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Root Chakra Healing Kit


Bracelet Size

This is a complete Root Chakra healing kit which has everything you need to balance your first chakra. It includes two Red Jasper meditation stones, a Root Chakra essential oil blend, an energy-releasing candle and a root chakra bracelet. The Root Chakra crystal bracelet holds garnet stone and hematite crystals as well as lava stones. Yes, you guessed it. The Root Chakra crystal bracelet doubles up as an essential oil diffuser, as you can easily rub one or two drops of the Root Chakra essential oil provided in this kit onto the lava beads. Each and every part of the Root Chakra Healing Kit is Reiki infused, meaning it’s charged with specific healing energy that is powerful in aiding the healing and opening of your Root Chakra. The nature of this Reiki charged chakra healing jewelry feel simply beautiful and they make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones, or for yourself to cherish and own.


  • 2 Red Jasper meditation stones
  • 1 oil diffusing crystal/lava stone bracelet
  • 1 Root Chakra essential oil blend
  • 1 Root Chakra healing candle (unscented)

Red Jasper 

Red Jasper is so essential when you’re needing to feel grounded, nurtured and centered. These stones support you in strengthening your foundation, making you feel stable to actually just DO. Meditating with them helps you to feel a sense of purpose, take on new pursuits, deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions. It’s a motivator and works by energizing any areas of your body that feel low.

Element: Fire


The Garnet stone is known as an energizer and stabilizer. It activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope. It also sharpens our perceptions of oneself and others, opening our heart up and inviting in all that self-confidence. If you’re feeling disconnected, the Garnet crystal helps us to feel grounded and connected to the present moment. Garnet is also related to the Heart Chakra, as it symbolizes physical love and the relationship between loving partners. Its divine energy can lead to higher expressions of love. 

Element: Earth 


The Hematite crystal helps you to connect to your Root Chakra so that you can stay grounded and just be, getting rid of all that stress and anxiety that may surround you throughout your day. Hematite helps to transform negative energies into more positive vibrations. This works by drawing out negative energy from your aura, then neutralizing and balancing it. This results in a calm mind, giving you the clarity and focus needed to feel stable in being able to transform your dreams and aspirations into reality. This opens up the path to aligning all seven of your chakras. It also works wonders in cleansing the blood and supporting circulation in your body.

Element: Earth 

Root Chakra: (Base Chakra, First Chakra or Muladhara)

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Generally associated with the color red and located at the base of your spine. The Root Chakra governs the parts of your physical body that include your legs, knees, tail bone and Adrenal glands. This chakra corresponds to feelings of safety and security.

Before shipping, everything we offer is cleared using Selenite, and then cleared and charged again using the energy healing practices of both Reiki and Universal White Time Healing. This greatly enhances the properties and effectiveness of the crystals. 

This process awakens the spirit of the piece and enhances it's ability to intelligently and intuitively give you the healing you need. It also helps the crystals easily adapt as your healing needs change, making them a versatile tool for your spritual journey.

XS - 6in

S - 6.5in

M - 7in

L - 7.5in

XL - 8in

To guarantee best fit we recommend measuring before purchase. An easy way is to use a piece of paper and a ruler, wrapping the paper around your wrist and measuring the resulting length with the ruler

Orders usually arrive in 2-3 business days, please allow one to two business day for processing.

Adornments are sent in a jewelry box packed with gift tissue and are energetically cleared prior to shipping.