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Taurus Crystal Box


The Taurus Crystal Box is designed to perfectly accommodate the strong-willed protector, Taurus. Our Sun sign is a summary of a large part of the energies that make up the essence of who we are and what motivates us. Working with crystals that resonate with our sign can help us improve our strengths and balance out our weaknesses.

The box will help Taurus open their heavily guarded hearts:

Ruled by Venus, this sign will stop at no end to protect what they love, even when it hurts them. To work with this aspect, the set includes one medium Jade, which will bring tranquility and soothing to the Heart Chakra, one medium Red Jasper to connect to their innate Earth-centered energy, and one medium Rhodonite, perfect for releasing the wounds and heartache that Taurus grasps onto ever so tightly. 

The box will inspire Taurus:

Taurus is as steadfast as they are stubborn, and a little boost to push them out of a rut goes a long way. To help this bull-ruled sign move their hoofs, the set contains one medium Carnelian, to activate the Sacral creativity and motivation, one small Blue Kyanite which will bring honesty and communication, and one medium Lapis Lazuli for enhancing the signs' creativity and wonder. 

The box will allow Taurus to rejuvenate:

This dependable sign is often the main figure in providing stability and support for friends and family members. To help loving Taurus recuperate, this set contains one medium Selenite, for cleansing any stagnant energy within Taurus, and one medium Clear Quartz, for recharging and balancing Taurus’s energy centers. 

This is the essential collection of crystals for those born between April 20 and May 20.