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AEC Family & Jeremy Werner - August  22, 2021

Astrology Outlook & Healing Tips for Virgo Season

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August 22, 2021 – September 22, 2021
Virgo Gemstone:
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Mercury Gemstones: Topaz, Emerald

For all of us here at AEC, improving our balance and harmony with the universe is something we're always working to improve. Over the years we've noticed that as soon as we seem to be getting a handle on things, something changes seemingly out of the blue bringing challenges and disruption to our life. Yay.

After more than enough times of looking in the mirror and screaming, "WTH!" we began to see a pattern. These shifts almost always aligned with either the moon phases or some other astrological shift. As we began to take note of these events and adjust our spiritual growth and self-care routines around them there was a new shift, progress!

We finally began seeing the consistent growth we wanted. It felt like our spiritual journey had finally started for real. And while it was just a new beginning, it also felt like an end. The end of an old lifestyle and belief system we had been trying to shed for years. 

After continuing this practice for awhile we started thinking about how we could improve it. What if we could plan a detailed breakdown of the best practices for each zodiac season on a week by week basis? And already have our crystals preselected and have meditations and affirmations ready to go so that even when things got hard we knew what to do. So we asked our teacher, Akashic Astrologer Jeremy R. Werner, if he would be willing to give us his astrology insight to help with this and he said yes!

We loved it so much and have found so much benefit from it that we wanted to share it with all of you in the form of monthly posts here on our blog. Here is the outlook for this Virgo season:


On the road to perfection, take one step at a time!

Virgo, the Sign of Yin, receptive Earth, graces us with the lens of Divine Perfection through which we can see the world. Everything is in Divine Order although we may not be able to recognize this fully. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin holding a sheaf of wheat that depicts the harvest of our efforts through time, efforts that require a clear, organized mind and discernment. As the Sun enters Virgo, we have the opportunity to reflect on our own personal development in preparation for the relational interaction that Libra promises. Virgos are known for their preoccupation with perfection and can get lost in their own critical natures. This may lead to nervous tension and disruption in how the body assimilates information and nourishment. Nonetheless, the commitment to the task that Virgo inspires leads us forward toward the realization of our own humanity, a true gift of the harvest season.

Meditation: Snow of Light

To keep yourself focused, grounded and at ease in the mind, work with this simple stone layout. Lie down comfortably and place a Snow Quartz on the Heart Chakra at the center of the chest, then hold a piece of Jet in your left hand and Blue Calcite in the right. Snow Quartz soothes the mind, opens one’s intuition and enhances learning and mental clarity. Jet helps to focus the mind toward one’s goals and dispels obstructive energies. It emanates a calming and balancing effect that helps to reduce stress and offers a comforting field of protection. Blue Calcite soothes the body and mind, supports relaxation and calms and balances one’s moods.

Now, call down a very soft Universal White Light into the Crown Chakra. Feel its quality there, then bring it down into the Heart Chakra. Allow this light to spread itself gently, like snow in all directions. 

Feel how each part of your body and mind is touched by this quiet, gentle snow of light. Relax into this feeling. Notice how this soft snow of light begins to sparkle and feel its cleansing effects. Meditate for as long as desired. When complete, gently bring your awareness to your breath. Take slow deep breaths as you take this feeling of calm deeply into yourself and when ready, open your eyes.

Astro Aspects

The Moon in Pisces conjunct retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius, opposite the Sun in Virgo and square the Nodal Axis

The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs just before the Sun enters Virgo, and the Moon transmits this light to the Nodal Axis. We are in changing times, and the light of the Great Luminaries (the Sun and Moon) reveals the Collective Crossroads that is upon us. Any planet squaring the Nodes elicits deeper, karmic patterns held within the body and psyche, whether of the individual or Humanity as a whole. We are crossing a threshold to witness greater truth and recognize the chronic, unresolved conflicts that mire us in discord. Jupiter brings optimism, guidance and a new perspective that assists us in facing the facts and moving forward with greater buoyancy and tact. Jupiter in Aquarius grants us new connections and networks to form effective collaborations for resolving these conflicts. This Grand Square involving the Nodal Axis marks a new beginning if we in fact take full responsibility for ourselves and our role in the world.

To facilitate greater consciousness about your inner truth with the support of buoyant optimism, meditate with the stone triad of Black Tourmaline, Yellow Citrine and Blue Turquoise. Black Tourmaline is a protective and grounding stone that enables one to look into the depths of self with confidence and clear any obstructive energies. Yellow Citrine brings illumination and confidence, strengthens one’s energy field and inspires greater optimism. Blue Turquoise calms the mind, balances the emotions, boosts the immune system and helps one to find one’s true voice. Together, these Stone Allies support the path of inner exploration with a field of safety and peace.

Mercury and Mars conjunct in Virgo, opposite Neptune and trine retrograde Uranus

Mercury is strong in its own Sign of Virgo and takes on the fiery nature of Mars by virtue of their conjunction. Our minds are activated with new thoughts that we need to sort through in order to gain sufficient clarity before right action can be taken. With this conjunction trining retrograde Uranus, we may suddenly find ourselves in new territory that leads us into an unexpected direction for our greatest and most practical benefit. With Mercury and Mars dancing across from cool Neptune in its own Sign of Pisces, we are reminded that the Voice of Spirit or our own Higher Self is ready to guide us through this uncharted terrain. Finding the balance between conscious action and surrender to Spirit is the name of the game! This is a road less traveled so it may hold unforeseen challenges. However, with these planets in the Virgo-Pisces axis, we see more clearly how compassionate service is the catalyst for significant change for the greatest benefit of all involved.

To clarify and direct the power of your own mind, meditate with Magnesite in your left hand and Amethyst in your right. Magnesite helps to relax the muscles and release tension and stress. It also supports the revelation of deeper mental patterns while offering a calming energy to balance the mind and emotions. Amethyst is a stone of Neptune and opens our higher chakras to connect more fully with our Higher Self. It also provides an expanded state of tranquility that supports one in being receptive to messages from Spirit. These stones may also be carried with you in a medicine pouch or worn as a bracelet or necklace to imbue your fields with their energies throughout the day.

A Kite Pattern with Venus in Libra trining retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini and opposing retrograde Chiron in Aries

The Kite Pattern involves a Grand Trine, a partial Grand Sextile and an opposition. Generally speaking, the Kite represents an easy flow of beneficial energy. However, this flow might be so smooth and easy that no action is taken! This makes the planets in opposition the important backbone to the Kite Formation and gives us an idea of how these energies can be wielded.

Here we have Venus in its own Sign of Libra and Saturn in its own Sign of Aquarius, giving these planets essential dignity and strength. Both Venus and Saturn are in a Grand Trine with the North Node in Air Signs. This denotes a time of critical relational considerations and mental activity. Venus in Libra strives for balance and harmony in all interactions with others and expresses great beauty and esthetic values. Saturn in Aquarius depicts the ability to stand in one’s own authority, to face the tests of responsibility and to bring into reality the practical knowledge of the Higher Self. This placement, especially with Saturn retrograde, can also indicate the Hermit or one who is cool and detached, tending to stray from the public domain. Nonetheless, the mental acuity that this brings, along with the capacity of Aquarius to network information for the benefit of the community, can be a boon to new discoveries and relational experiences.

With the activation of the North Node, we see how this Kite represents a time to consider how the role and structure of society either contributes to our well-being or detracts from it. Many of our conflicts stem from the dissonance between our thoughts of reality and reality itself, so now is the time to rectify this difference and stand firm in the truth of the matter.

Chiron opposite Venus brings a challenge that must be overcome if the beneficial energies of this Kite are to be used. With Chiron retrograde in Aries, deep wounding around one’s identity surfaces. During this time, we may become clearly aware of a lack of self-worth and the impulse to please and prioritize others. To heal from this, we need to bring our spotlight back to ourselves, to question our behaviors and prioritize our own feelings and needs. At the same time, we need to validate our needs for relationship and the cooperation with others and withdraw the projection of our own power onto others. Oppositions offer us an opportunity for greater awareness and integration. We can apply this now to our own understanding of self and relationship and see how this forms a new foundation upon which new social structures can be built.

To help yourself discover your inner truth with strength and confidence, meditate inside a stone grid formed by Mahogany Obsidian, Yellow Tiger’s Eye and Malachite.

Mahogany Obsidian helps us to identify inner patterns that restrict and limit our creative expression while activating our lower chakras for grounding, protection and inner strength. This stone is like a mirror for the soul and reflects back to us our own behaviors so that we can move forward with greater clarity.

 Tiger’s Eye stimulates insight and new perspectives, protects one’s energy fields and energizes right action. 

Malachite draws out deeply held energies from the past and supports the revelation of trauma patterns and repressed feelings that contribute to chronic reactionary behavior. This stone also opens and empowers the Heart Chakra and provides additional protection for those journeying into the depths of self.

To create the stone grid, have 2 of each of the stones. Sit or stand and place the stones in a circle around you on the floor in the following order: Mahogany Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, Malachite, Mahogany Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, Malachite. You may also hold a clear quartz crystal in your left hand to amplify the effects. Call upon the Spirits of the Stones to join you in Sacred Circle and feel their emanation. Once you feel the flow of energy, begin to journey in your mind, exploring thoughts, patterns and memories as they surface. See what is revealed and welcome this awareness into yourself. Continue to meditate for as long as desired, then remove the stones in the reverse order. Journal your insights as this process can bring up important insight to help you on your path of manifesting your True Self.

Written by Jeremy R. Werner, The Akashic Astrologer

So that's the outlook for this coming Virgo season, how do you feel about it? Let's us know your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear from you! 

For anyone looking for extra support or guidance with their spiritual practice during this time we have our Monthly Cosmic Care Kit. It comes with all the crystals needed to do the meditations above, along with crystal jewelry, tips, techniques, intentions and affirmations to help you stay balanced as you go through your own personal transformation each and every month.

To get more astrological insights specific to each week of Virgo, be sure to sign up for our email list to have them sent directly to you at the start of each week.

Abundance & Happiness,

- The AEC Family 

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