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Updated: November 13, 2022

Aries Zodiac Information

Date Duration: March 21 to April 19

Symbol: Ram

Element: Fire

Sign Quality: Cardinal

Planetary Ruler: Mars


From March 21 to April 19, the Sun is in Aries. Aries is the first of the signs on the Zodiac wheel and is positioned at the beginning of spring. The first of the fire signs, Aries emits a very high frequency energy. During this period every sign of the Zodiac will be exposed to both the positive and negative aspects of Aries’ energy. How this energy affects you depends on your personality and your ability to adapt to the changes and challenges that you might experience when the sun aligns with Aries. 

Ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war, but also the planet of willpower, energy, and strength, Aries are trailblazers and highly ambitious. 

Whereas Pisces has the benefit of insight derived from other signs because it wraps up the Zodiac cycle, Aries is the opposite because it restarts the Zodiac wheel and as such, everything starts anew during Aries season. This is why Aries is known to learn from trial and error and have a tendency to take the leap right away when an opportunity presents itself. 

Aries’ energy is vastly different from the previous season, though people who are particularly sensitive might find Aries’ energy a bit too much whereas others might find the drive they need to pursue their goals during this season. Fortunately, there are stones and crystals that can help you during Aries season, whether you want to temper your negative traits or boost your positive ones, they are especially useful during this period of high energy. Read on to learn more about Aries and its birthstones. 

A Closer Look at Aries Strengths and Weaknesses


Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac and it starts it off strong. Filled with fiery energy, the beginning of Aries is always dynamic and full of energy. Aries are often rushing and aiming to get things done quickly so they can jump immediately on to the next task. Aries have a competitive spirit and this will show in their work and among friends. Along with Leo and Sagittarius, Aries is among the most active of all the Zodiac signs. An Aries will jump into action, sometimes without stopping to think.

An Aries is typically well-organized, perfectly complementing their aptitude to start off first and finish first. You will often see an Aries taking on multiple tasks all at once and many can jump from one task to another with ease. Because of this, Aries tend to get frustrated when working alongside people who cannot keep up with their pace and may lose their patience or get frustrated.. An Aries with a particularly strong personality can be prone to lashing out on others without meaning to be hurtful. Because of their headstrong nature, Aries are known to run straight towards their goal, all the way to the finish to the best of their abilities.

Despite their goal-oriented and serious nature, Aries are known for their infectious happiness that manifests when paired up with others that share their passion and this can reflect in teamwork or in romance.

Aries are no strangers to failure. Their impulsive nature often leads to diving in head first at anything as they prefer to learn through trial and risk-taking. This energy never leaves an Aries throughout their life. Though they may make a wrong decision from time to time, an Aries will never regret giving something a try. Aries are always ready to experience all sorts of things and most Aries have a certain attractive charisma that draws others in. An Aries that loves to talk, tell stories, and share their experiences will have very little difficulty in finding a receptive audience.

Those with the sign of Aries are ruled by Mars, the God of war. The most common trait among all Aries is that they are headstrong and fearless. If you find a modest and delicate Aries, they are more than likely to have gone through a life-changing experience. It is not easy to mellow an Aries’ bold and blunt nature as they typically go straight to the point.

Aries is symbolized by the Ram. They can be hard-headed and insist others see things as they do. A quality that can lead to conflict if they let themselves get carried away. However, their boundless energy and fearlessness make them great leaders and if you’re having trouble getting started on any big projects, partnering up with an Aries will kick you off strong as Aries have a natural gift of riling up morale and confidence through sheer willpower.

As a fire element sign, Aries are very physical people and can get antsy if they stay still for too long. They love to travel and have friends from diverse backgrounds and differing personalities, as they are  fascinated and appreciative of the many different flavors that life has to offer.. Aries have a direct nature and a refreshing honesty that will attract many acquaintances and forge strong long-term bonds with close friends that share in their wild adventures. 


Recommended Stones and Crystals for Aries Energy


Chakra: Root

A favorite of many, Bloodstone has been linked with life and birth. 

Bloodstone has many properties including promoting good health, wealth, and longevity. People wear Bloodstone to help them see through deception, to help with matters of diplomacy, and to work through legal problems.

Carry a Bloodstone around as a talisman against physical threats or if you need courage to overcome an obstacle. 

tumbled bloodstone Ancient Element Creations

This also works well with sports and competitions of strength and vigor. If you are an Aries, wearing a Bloodstone will help augment your natural boldness and courage. 

Wear Bloodstone as jewelry as it promotes good health by revitalizing your immunity. This is particularly helpful when trying to recover from a sickness or any sort of injury. The properties of  Bloodstone will also help with personal healing and give you clarity to press on when making difficult choices.

aquamarine tumbled stone grade aa Ancient Element Creations

Chakra: Throat, Heart & Third Eye

Aquamarine is a beautiful light blue (sometimes blue-green) stone with powerful soothing properties. Aries' element is fire and having a water stone like Aquamarine can help calm the flames when they become too strong. This is especially helpful for Aries or anyone who feel overwhelmed, as it helps in promoting inner balance.

Aquamarine strongly resonates with the Throat Chakra and is excellent for people whose professions require them to engage in public speaking. It also removes the burden of anxiety by calming the emotions and clearing a cluttered mind, allowing you to express yourself with confidence and honesty. 

Aquamarine is particularly helpful for Aries who tend to speak before they think, as it boosts intuition and self-awareness. Meditate with an Aquamarine stone for a few minutes before going into any difficut discussion to ensure you deliver all your points succinctly and calmly.

Wear Aquamarine jewelry to benefit from its compassionate energy. Aquamarine boosts patience especially when it comes to other people, it also helps promote mental clarity which enables you to build order from chaos especially when you are mentally overwhelmed. .

Chakra: All (depending on color)

Aventurine comes in a wide-range of colors including, green, blue, red, yellow, orange, and even white. While its sacral asscoation depends on the color of the stone, Aventurine, in general, amplifies good energies. It is ideal for boosting self-confidence and charisma, and it promotes good leadership.

Aventurine also promotes mental clarity, something that Aries can find very helpful as their overabundance of energy can lead to distracted thoughts. Aries can find this clarity especially soothing as it helps them remain focused on their goals while dissolving self-doubt. Aventurine is also known to bolster empathy, which Aries can greatly benefit from. 

green aventurine grade AA tumbled stone Ancient Element Creations

Parents can give their children Aventurine jewelry as it is particularly effective in boosting intellectual growth and vitality especially in young children. It also alleviates excessively rough behaviour. 

Wear Aventurine as jewelry such as in the form of a necklace or bracelet to soothe and pacify restless minds and hands. Meditate with Aventurine to help improve focus and emotional wellbeing. You can also place a tumbled stone in your wallet to boost prosperity.

Carnelian tumbled stone Ancient Element Creations

Chakra: Root & Sacral

Carnelian is a beautiful stone that captivates people with its glowing hues of yellow, red, and dark orange- the colors of fire. It is heavily associated with Aries and is great for increasing energy levels and boosting inner satisfaction. Carnelian absorbs negative energy and converts it to positive energy.

Carnelian brings about a resolute and bold energy that empowers people with courage, and motivation. In times of antiquity, warriors adorned their necks with Carnelian to boost courage when facing opposing forces.

Carnelian promotes mental clarity and helps balance out your thoughts. It can be placed in all kinds of places for a variety of effects. Place a Carnelian crystal by the entrance of your home to protect yourself from thoughts of hesitation or to keep away feelings of anxiety. Place a Carnelian under your pillow and you won’t have messy dreams or nightmares of futility. But be careful if you suffer from insomnia as high energy stones like Carnelian can make you restless if you're particularly senstive to high frequencies. 

Wear carnelian as jewelry to maximize its positive effects. Ancient Egyptians treasured Carnelians deeply and referred to Carnelians as stones of the setting sun. They wore them close to or on their hands. This is an ideal way to abate impulsive decisions and temper negative energies. 

Chakra: Root

Jasper comes in a wide-range of opaque colors and have various types and uses. Red Jasper is beneficial to all zodiacs but resonates very well with Aries' energy.

Red Jasper is known to quell the fiery temper common to Aries and helps control their more excessive impulses.

In ancient times, Red Jasper was used for amplifying endurance and for protection

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In modern times, Red Jasper is worn to enhance stamina and to invigorate one’s innate life force, giving the wearer strength, endurance and motivation. Red Jasper helps deal with obsessive-compulsive behaviour by helping one stay grounded and stable.

Wearing Red Jasper as jewelry or keeping one in your pocket will take away stress and remove any imbalances, cleansing you of negativity. Take a moment to meditate while grasping and rubbing the stone to clear your mind and regain your focus.


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apache tear tumbled stone Ancient Element Creations

Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus & Heart

Apache Tears are small black obsidian stones made from volcanic glass. As a gentle form of obsidian, Apache Tear helps to emotionally cleanse the body and heal wounds that you may not even be aware of. With its black colors, Apache Tear is used for grounding and protection helping you to clear any emotions that may be holding you back. Its calm and peaceful energies are also good for people who suffer from anxiety or fear. This can have a rejuvenating effect for Aries who may be easily frustrated.

Associated with the Root Chakra, Apache Tear stones for Aries bring about grounding energies. It is especially supportive when it comes to dealing with a journey of recovery or grieving. During your vulnerable healing process, Apache Tear will surround you with protective energies.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root 

Citrines are beautiful quartz stones that come in different hues of yellow, ranging from faded yellows to rich golden-honey colors. Citrine has powerful effects on wealth and career success, so placing it around key points in your home will magnify its positive energy. Citrine is self cleansing and eliminates negative energy so having a lot around makes a clear impact.

Citrine isn't all about encouraging prosperity and financial success; it is also well known to attract love and happiness. Citrine is also the crystal of choice for improving interpersonal relationships and smoothing over issues with families or team members -making it especially useful for Aries who, at times, can have an overwhelming and headstrong personality. 

citrine tumbled stone Ancient Element Creations

Wearing Citrine as jewelry will help with business transactions. Businessowners who deal with multiple transactions a day will find interactions with customers go more smoothly. Place Citrine stones inside safes or cash registers to bring in prosperity. If time permits, take a moment to meditate and focus while clasping the stone in between your chest between any transaction.  

8. Fire Agate

Chakra: Root & Sacral

Fire Agate is a stone that encourages passion and courage- traits that are already innate in Aries. It is also an excellent stone for welcoming positive energy into your life. Fire agate also improves creativity and helps foster positive self-expression.

A powerful crystal for tempering excessive energies and desires, it is especially useful for the typically confident and self-assured Aries and for anyone who has a tendency to overindulge. 

Wear Fire Agate as jewelry or keep it in your pocket to maintain high levels of creativity and find new ways to approach tasks, no matter how simple or complicated they may seem. Fire agate allows you to keep an open mind whether in your professional or personal life, which is something that Aries can benefit from as they have a tendency to be rigid when it comes to accepting other people's views.

Chakra: Heart

Emeralds are not only revered for their beauty, but also for their ability to bring out hope even in the most trying of times. They are also known to boost prosperity and success, which is why they have a special affinity with Aries. Wear an Emerald or meditate with one when starting a new endeavor, as it is a stone that is known to uplift the spirit and allows one to start with a clean slate.

Emeralds carry great power within them; they promote self-esteem, calmness, and they help balance your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

emerald tumbled stone Ancient Element Creations

Emeralds are especially useful in helping people regain inner strength and self-confidence especially during difficult times. Wear Emerald Jewelry if you are looking for love or if you want to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Turn to an Emerald crystal when you want reflect or when you to feel more optimistic about the future. 

Amethyst tumbled stone Ancient Element Creations

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown & Soul Star 

Amethyst is a very powerful healing crystal, especially when it comes to boosting intuition and mental acuity. A beautiful stone known to soothe and keep your wits about you, it is beneficial for for those who have a tendency to get lost in their tasks. Amethyst stones can lighten an overworked mind and regain inner balance. 

Those with the sign of Aries have a tendency to work at a pace that may burden those nearby. Amethysts can tweak their energy without hampering their main objective helping one channel their aspirations in a healthier manner.

Known as the gem of intuition, Amethyst boosts  creativity, while promoting temperance. This works in perfect sync with fiery Aries as it evens out their more impulsive nature. 

Amethysts have a history of diminishing overindulgence and avoiding drunkenness. The name itself comes from the Greek word "Amethystos" which translates to “not drunken”. 

Amethysts are ideal for new pursuits, perfectly complementing fearless Aries who have strong tendencies to boldly tackle all tasks without flinching. It enhances creative thoughts and takes away inner negativity. Amethysts are a natural tranquilizer that calms and soothes hyperactive impulses.

Wear Amethyst as jewelry such as in the form of a necklace, earrings, or bracelet to boost its positive effects on the third-eye, throat, and crown chakras. Using Amethyst for meditation and for chakra healing is also beneficial for Aries, as it ensures that they stay balanced when pursuing their goals.. 

Chakra: Crown, All

Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile crystals to have around. It works best as a support crystal, as it strengthens the effects of other crystals. It is also a self-cleansing crystal that is typically used to cleanse and enhance other crystals.

Clear Quartz is a healing crystal that mainly benefits the Crown Chakra but it also balances other chakras. It cleanses its surroundings and is highly effective in warding off negative vibrations and balancing out areas that are exposed to negative energy.

Clear Quartz tumbled stone Ancient Element Creations

Clear Quartz is especially beneficial for Aries as it encourages empathy amidst pursuing bold ambitions, making them more appreciative and considerate of others. 

The defining feature of Aries is their fiery energy and headstrong determination. Too much fierceness can negatively affect judgment and lead to rash decisions. Clear Quartz balances this out and enables Aries to pause and reassess their choices in a calmer manner. Clear Quartz will lessen any potential misunderstandings and help Aries find a more favorable path.

Throughout history, Clear Quartz has always been common yet highly valued. Prized for its many healing properties and amplification of other crystals as well as its connection to higher consciousness.

Clear Quartz can be worn as jewelry, either as a bracelet or even as a necklace to promote and healing and improve memory. It is ideal to match Clear Quartz with other crystals to maximize their effects.

Whether you want to make the most out of this passionate, fiery season when the sun is in Aries or you want to temper excessive emotions, you can turn to the stones and crystals listed above. They are especially attuned to Aries' energy, but they can help everyone during Aries season. The start of a new Zodiac year is a time of change and big decisions. It is often during this time of year that you are likely to be confronted with choices that can dramatically change the opportunities ahead for you. 

We recommend wearing these crystals as jewelry, as their vibrations are especially effective with skin contact.  We also recommend that  you set an intention before using any crystal whether to wear as jewelry or for meditation and cleansing rituals so that they are attuned specifically to the purpose you intend to use them for. 

Browse our curated collection of Aries crystal jewelry and pick up a few pieces for this season of new beginnings. All of the crystals in our collection are already charged and blessed so they are ready to use for whatever issues you want to address or to boost positive energies in your surroundings. 

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