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Crystals for Libra Energy

Written by Mikhal Santos

Crystals for Libra Zodiac

Libra Zodiac Basic Information

Date Duration: September 23 to October 22

Symbol: Scales

Element: Air

Sign Quality: Cardinal

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Libra Zodiac Sign Scales

From September 23 to October 22, the Sun is in Libra. The period when the Sun aligns with Libra coincides with the Autumnal Equinox (September Equinox), which marks the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. During this period, every sign in the Zodiac will be exposed to both the positive and negative aspects of Libra’s energy.

How this energy affects you depends on your personality, disposition, and your ability to adapt to the changes around you during this time of year. If you want to be prepared for Libra season, there are stones and crystals that you can use to turn Libra’s energy in your favor and counteract any negativity that you may be exposed to during this period, regardless of your zodiac sign. 

Libra is a cardinal sign as it aligns with the sun at the beginning of Autumn. Cardinal signs play a pivotal role in Astrology because they are positioned at the beginning of a season. 

Libra is symbolized by the Scales, fashioned after the Scales of Justice of Themis, whom the Greek’s considered the personification of divine law and justice. She is also the inspiration for Lady Justice, the symbol of the moral code of ethics in today's modern-day judiciary. Libra’s planetary ruler is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology, revered not only her for beauty, but also for her ability to charm gods and humans alike. This is perhaps why Libras are known for their strong sense of justice, as well as their affinity for beauty, balance, and harmony.

Libra exudes a very balanced, calm energy.  You’re more likely to feel the change in energetic frequencies when the sun aligns with Libra compared to the previous month. Not only is the energy a lot calmer than in previous seasons, but temperatures will also start to drop as Autumn starts and the days start to get shorter. 

A Closer Look at Libra's Strengths and Weaknesses

Intelligent, idealistic, and highly empathic, Libras are revered for their easy charm, strong sense of justice and objectivity. Libra is an air sign and signs associated with air are often great at analyzing situations from every angle, thereby allowing them to make fair and unbiased observations. Their charm coupled with their naturally outgoing and social nature, allows them to express their thoughts and opinions freely. Libras are highly intelligent and as such, they love to engage in intellectual discussions.  They also have a penchant for reading, making them well-versed in a wide-range of topics. 

While Libras are sociable and charismatic, their airy personality can sometimes turn cold when a situation doesn’t go their way or when they feel like they are being treated unfairly. This hot and cold nature that Libras can sometimes exhibit is a trait that most air element signs share. If you’re a Libra, you might want to be extra mindful of this duality in your personality, as it can often be misconstrued by people, even those who are close to you.

Aside from reading, Libras love the outdoors.  They enjoy spending time around nature as much as they enjoy spending time reading at home. They have a special affinity with nature-related hobbies like biking, hiking, fishing, and water sports. 

Since Libra is symbolized by the scales, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Libras hate injustice. They hate conflict and they constantly thrive for peace and harmony in both their relationships and surroundings. As such, they either try to solve conflicts by going through every possible solution for resolution or by simply avoiding it when all other options don’t work. 

Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, Libras have a penchant for beautiful things and places. Their desire to be surrounded by beauty can sometimes lead them to overindulge when shopping and when traveling to beautiful and exotic locations. 

Libras are some of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet when it comes to romance; this is because they value partnership, especially romantic relationships. Libras are easily swept away when they fall in love and they will often do anything to please their partners. Libras are happiest when they are in a committed relationship, which is what makes them great romantic partners. 

This desire to please, however, does not just apply to their romantic relationships. One of Libras main weaknesses is that they tend to be people-pleasers; they want to make everyone happy because they abhor conflict. However, this can sometimes lead to cloudy judgment especially when it comes to who they associate themselves with. This is why Libras should be extra careful of who they open up to, as betrayal is something a Libra doesn’t take very well. When betrayed, Libras tend to fall into depression and are prone to holding grudges because of their desire to promote justice, even though they dislike conflict.

Libras thrive best when they work with a partner, whether professionally or romantically. Professionally, they are known to work their hardest when paired with someone they like and trust. 

The main duality in a Libra’s personality is that while they are often considered objective and are known to be able to view situations in every possible angle. When it comes to relationships, they tend to lose sight of their objectivity in order to please people because of their desire to uphold peace, even at the expense of their own happiness.

Libras are also known for their fun-loving nature, which is why people are easily drawn to them. Having a Libra as a friend, family member, or romantic partner, is truly a gift, as they are some of the most empathic people you’ll ever meet. They’re usually the glue that holds a group together. 

While Libras have a lot of admirable traits, it’s not always easy for them to deal with situations, especially when dealing with people who have opposing values because they often try to carry the burden of upholding the peace, which can both be physically and emotionally taxing. 

Fortunately, the stones and crystals listed below can help strengthen your best traits and help keep your emotional, physical, and mental states in balance. While these stones have a special affinity with Libras, everyone can benefit from any of these crystals during Libra season, especially since they are attuned to Libra’s energy when it is aligned with the sun. 

Whether you want to harness the positive traits of Libra’s energy or you are particularly sensitive to its energy, these stones and crystals can help you capitalize on any opportunities that may come to you this season or they can help temper energies that you feel might be holding you back. 

citrine, labradorite, and lapis lazuli crystals for Libra

L:R: Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Citrine Crystals

Stones and Crystals for Libra Zodiac 


Ametrine combines two crystal powerhouses- Citrine and Amethyst- in one beautiful stone. It naturally occurs when Citrine and Amethyst are formed in one stone, resulting in a beautiful color combination of Citrine’s vibrant yellow color and Amethyst’s calming purple color. As it is a naturally occurring formation, the purple and yellow colors in the stone can appear in different patterns.

Ametrine is one of the main birthstones associated with Libra. It resonates with the Crown, Third Eye, and Solar Plexus Chakras

Ametrine Crystal

                 Ametrine Gemstone

As Libra is an air element sign, it is easier for Libras to tune into their higher selves (their subconscious mind). They think not just with logic alone, but they view every situation in different levels of thought, allowing them to see the whole picture, not just parts of it. 

Ametrine is an excellent stone for enhancing the empathic nature of Libras as it increases one’s ability to think on a higher level and put oneself in other people’s shoes especially when conflict is involved. 

It also helps balance the energies Yin and Yang and other opposing forces, which is why it is the perfect crystal for Libra’s energy. 

As I mentioned earlier, Libras thrive when working in pairs, whether romantically or professionally. Ametrine is the embodiment of how working as a pair is better than working alone, as this stone amplifies both the healing properties of Citrine and Amethyst.

It is also a stone of prosperity and manifestation, making it the one of the best crystals for Libras or anyone looking to capitalize on any new opportunities or improve existing ventures during this season. 


Apatite is a highly motivational stone. It enhances mental clarity and helps declutter the mind of negative thoughts. It commonly comes in hues of deep blue to blue-green. It is a stone that resonates with the Throat Chakra, which is responsible for effective communication.

As Apatite is a highly-effective stone for increasing focus and mental clarity, it is the perfect stone to use against Libra’s indecisive nature. Aside from clearing mental blockages, Apatite is also a powerful spiritual stone and helps improve your connection to the divine, your higher self, and your intuition. When trying to come up with a decision regarding a difficult matter or during conflict resolution, using Apatite to enhance your sense of empathy and clear your mind of cluttered thoughts can help you come up with a decision that is fair for everyone. As a stone of the Throat Chakra, it encourages positive self-expression and communication especially in group settings. 

Apatite is also a great stone for helping you focus on your goals in order to achieve them. Since Libras thrive best when they have companionship, one of their biggest fears is being alone. Apatite helps promote independence in that it helps you realize that you can achieve your goals on your own, regardless of whether you have someone on your side or not.


Bloodstone crystal for Libra

Bloodstone is one of many different varieties of the crystal, Jasper. Among the numerous types of Jasper, Bloodstone is perhaps the most revered for its healing properties. It is typically green in color with patches of deep red on the stone resembling the color of blood, hence the name.

Bloodstone, like all Jaspers, is a powerful grounding and manifestation stone. It is a stone that resonates with the Heart and Root Chakras. It is a powerful protection stone, especially for children who are exposed to bullying or anyone who is exposed to emotional abuse, as it helps facilitate self-healing and encourages self-love.

It is the perfect grounding stone for Libras and their sometimes airy personality, which can often lead to indecisiveness. Bloodstone enhances mental clarity, helps with decision-making (something that Libras often have trouble with), and it encourages independence. It is also the perfect healing stone for Libras who fear isolation or have recently lost someone, as it encourages one to look inside themselves and find the courage to face their greatest fears. 


Citrine is a premier manifestation stone, as it boosts prosperity, especially for entrepreneurs. It is pale to deep yellow in color and is arguably one of the best crystals to use against negative energy. While it is highly revered for increasing wealth, Citrine holds so much more power than filling up your cashbox. It is a stone of the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the primary chakra associated with boundaries and any issues related to how we see ourselves.

Citrine Necklace for Libra

Citrine has a strong connection to Libra because it helps promote mental clarity when making decisions and it helps people establish healthy boundaries. Libra's desire to keep peaceful and harmonious relationships often makes them to do things to please the people around them to avoid conflict. But, they also do these things because of their desire to be liked by everyone. 

Citrine helps you realize that you don’t need to please everyone around you to prove your self-worth. It encourages you to be more confident in yourself and your abilities instead of relying on other people for validation. Since Libras often feel the need to be in a partnership (whether personal or professional), they tend to lose sight of their own goals when they become too reliant on their partners. Citrine also absorbs negative energy and doesn’t require cleansing.

If you feel like you can’t do things on your own and you have to rely on someone to achieve your goals, turn to Citrine for motivation and it will help you realize that you are a lot more capable than you think you are without always having to rely on others. It also helps you establish healthy boundaries in your relationships.

Wear Citrine as jewelry such as in the form of a necklace, bracelet or ring to temper excessive spending and self-indulgence in material things, which is one of Libras main weaknesses.


Moonstone has been widely used since ancient times for its powerful protective powers. It comes in a variety of colors including peach, blue, white, and yellow. Its sacral association depends on the color of the stone, but most Moonstones are associated with the Crown, Third Eye, and Heart Chakras. 

Moonstone is a powerful protective stone while traveling, especially on water. It is the perfect protective stone for Libra’s innate wanderlust, especially as they love to travel to exquisite places and participate in outdoor activities. Wearing Moonstone even during short travels can help protect you against both tangible and perceived threats.

Peach Moonstone Necklace

With its strong connection to the moon, Moonstone is a stone that increases intuition and connection to the divine. It also helps the indecisive Libra in decision making by allowing them to connect to higher realms of thought so they can make fair and unbiased decisions. 

Moonstone has a strong affinity to Libra’s energy because it boosts intuition and mental clarity, and is best used during problem-solving. As Libras hate conflict, they tend to be the problem solvers in a group- whether in their circle of friends, family, or even at work.


Morganite is a beautiful pink stone that vibrates a very calm and reassuring energy. It resonates with the Heart Chakra and is often called the stone of “Divine Love”. 

As Libra is ruled by the Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that they are some of the most passionate, romantic people you’ll ever meet. Libras are in love with love and as such, they prefer to be in a committed relationship than being single. 

Morganite is the perfect love crystal for Libra because it helps in maintaining and boosting love in your relationship. For single Libras, this beautiful pink stone can help you find your perfect match - someone who deserves the love you are so generous in giving and who is also willing to love you in the same way.

As a crystal of the Heart Chakra, Morganite also encourages all kinds of unconditional love, including self-love. It is a particularly helpful healing crystal for Libra, especially for people who have recently gone through heartbreak or have suffered betrayal. Morganite’s nurturing and soothing healing energy allows you to heal and eventually let go of grievances or grudges you have against people who have hurt you. 

Wear Morganite as a necklace close to your heart to feel its soothing, loving energy especially when you’re feeling down, unloved, or unappreciated by the people you care about. You can also give Morganite jewelry as a gift to your significant other as a symbol of your love so that they, too, can feel the amazing powers of unconditional love. 

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is perhaps one of the most calming and soothing stones on this list. It it is a type of Agate that comes in a light blue color and typically showcases multiple bands of whitish-blue on the surface. Just staring at the multiple light blue hues on this stone is enough to calm the nerves, as it is reminiscent of the color of the sky on a clear day.

Blue Lace Agate, like all other agates, is a variety of chalcedony. It is a stone primarily associated with the Throat Chakra and as such, it encourages people who have trouble expressing themselves to speak out when they need to do so. It is an effective communication stone and it also helps balance emotions. Blue Lace Agate is a helpful stone for Libras or anyone who needs a boost of encouragement when speaking out. It is also very helpful in relieving stress and eliminating negative emotions.

Wear Blue Lace Agate as a necklace to feel the encouraging and soothing energy it emits when you feel the need to be heard or when you want to be able to communicate effectively with others. You can also carry a tumbled stone with you and rub it when you feel anxious or stressed out or when you feel the need to balance your emotions. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has been highly treasured since ancient times because of its beautiful deep blue color usually showcasing gold spots on the stone's surface. It is a stone that resonates with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras

It is especially useful for Libras because it boosts intuition, rational thought, and helps with communication of all kinds. 

Known as the “Performer’s Stone”, Lapis Lazuli is a great stone to turn to for Libras who have trouble focusing on accomplishing their goals, no matter how big or small.

It boosts intuition, intellect, and motivation, which is why it is often used as a study stone by students as it is particularly effective when worn while learning. 

lapis lazuli for libra

As a stone of the Throat Chakra, Lapis Lazuli is an effective communication stone. It helps you communicate your thoughts clearly and encourages honesty, which makes it particularly effective for Libras who dislike confrontations and arguments, as it gives them the mental clarity they need to express their side during a disagreement.

Wear Lapis Lazuli as a necklace close to your throat when you find yourself in situations that require you to speak the truth or use it for meditation to help you when you’re unsure about whether to speak out or keep quiet. 

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye, named as such because its chatoyancy results in a visual illusion that resembles the eyes of a Tiger. It is typically yellow in color, but it also comes variations of blue and red. The stone’s chakral association depends on the color: yellow resonates with the Solar Plexus, blue with the Throat, and red with the Root Chakra.

Tiger’s Eye is associated with Libra because it is a stone that has been recognized and widely used even in ancient times for its stabilizing energy. It is also helpful in boosting awareness and courage, which allows the naturally empathic nature of Libra to shine especially when trying to understand any situation, particularly when conflict is involved.

It has a strong connection to the scales because it is a stone that promotes integrity, especially for people who are in power. Libras or anyone in the position of power can turn to Tiger’s Eye to give them enlightenment especially when it comes to the fair use of the power they possess. 

It is also a balancing stone. It balances extreme emotions, especially when there are two opposite emotions involved. Libras indecisiveness is typically a result of not knowing how to balance their scales, especially when two opposing forces are at play, whether it’s you against another person or other people around you against each other. 

Tiger’s Eye encourages you to set aside the duality in your personality (wanting to promote harmony but avoiding conflict when the scales are tipped against you) and instead, use your objectivity, intellect, and empathy to understand the situation properly. 

Tiger’s Eye also helps declutter the mind and allows you to focus and consider all sides so you can come up with fair decisions ruled by logic and facts rather than extreme emotions. Whenever you feel stuck in a decision, meditate with Tiger’s Eye to help clear your head. Wear it as jewelry when you need a boost of courage in any difficult situation.


Aquamarine, with its calming blue color, is reminiscent of the sea on a clear day when the waves are calm and the water still. It resonates with the Throat Chakra and allows us not just to speak out, but also to realize the hidden truths within ourselves especially when it relates to others. 

Aquamarine also helps Libras, who can sometimes be stubborn and judgmental in certain situations, to listen and learn to be more patient of others. Its calming energy soothes extreme emotions and encourages compassion and understanding. It has strong ties to Libra because it encourages us to learn to negotiate and to fight for justice in a calm and rational manner rather than letting our emotions rule over our actions, especially when it comes to how we relate with other people. 

Just like Libra, Aquamarine is a stone that encourages justice. Whenever you find yourself in conflict with someone, turn to Aquamarine to help you find the wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong. It helps to meditate with Aquamarine before confronting anyone, as it allows you to realize hidden truths within yourself. 

Wear Aquamarine jewelry or carry a stone with you during arguments, conflict-resolution or when you feel like you need to boost your tolerance of other people. 


Bloodstone crystal for Libra

Labradorite is a mesmerizing blue (sometimes, grayish-blue) stone, notable for its iridescent sheen that showcases flashes of multiple colors. This property of the stone is referred to as Labradorescence. Unpolished Labradorite, however, looks just like a regular rock. The physical properties of the stone is similar to its metaphysical properties in that Labradorite holds in it many healing properties, so much so that the inuits believed it to be a stone of magic. 

Labradorite is a stone that resonates Throat and Third Eye Chakras, making it a particularly useful stone for Libra’s energy. It aids in boosting intuition and one’s ability to access higher realms of thought. It is also one of the best stones to use to ward off negative energy, as it also helps temper one’s negative traits. It also helps against impulsivity- something that Libras are prone to especially when it comes to buying expensive, beautiful things. It also helps in dispelling illusions whether in one’s romantic life or when seeking justice.  

Wear Labradorite as a necklace or use a tumbled stone for meditating whenever you feel like you need to get in touch with your intuition and your higher-self. It is also a stone of transformation, making it the perfect crystal to turn to whenever you feel like you need to make positive changes in your life or when you want to be more mindful when negative thoughts cloud your brain. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz belong to the same family as Citrine and Ametrine. It is arguably one of the most versatile of all crystals because it amplifies the energy of all other crystals.  You can pair it with any stone to amplify the stone’s healing properties whether in jewelry or when placed together in a corner of your home.

While Clear Quartz is an amplification stone, it doesn’t mean it’s just a supporting stone for other crystals. It is primarily associated with the Crown Chakra but it also works in clearing blockages of all other Chakras.

On its own, Clear Quartz is a powerful cleansing stone; it cleanses the aura, clears the mind, wards off negative energy, and balances the mind, body, and spirit. It is an excellent stone for Libra because it boosts mental clarity and concentration, which helps with decision-making. Something that Libras often have trouble with. Generally, however, Clear Quartz is a stone that works for everyone. It can even be used to cleanse other crystals of negative energy. 

Clear Quartz is a powerful meditative stone. Whenever you find yourself stuck with negative thoughts or when you feel stressed out, wear Clear Quartz in the form of jewelry or carry a stone with you to keep your head clear and to protect you against negative thought cycles and potential threats. 

If you’re zodiac sign is Libra, the stones listed above can be especially helpful for you when the Sun aligns with your sign. While this period can be favorable to you, as it can bring out some of your best traits and temper your negative ones, these stones can give you an extra boost when you need it and also help you make the most out of any opportunities that may come your way. Most importantly, it can help you decide which opportunities are best for you this time of year.

As mentioned throughout this post, these stones aren’t just for people born under Libra. Anyone can benefit from these stones, as Libra’s energy affects everyone, regardless of their signs. If you’re particularly sensitive to Libra’s energy, these stones and crystals can help you with any issues you may face this month. It can also help you capitalize on the positive energy of Libra so you to help you fulfill any goals you have for the coming weeks, find good opportunities, and help temper the negative aspects of your personality or ward off negativity in general.

We recommend wearing these crystals in the form of jewelry or meditating with them as direct contact with your skin, especially when used near its associated chakra, helps activate a crystal’s healing energy as well as sync your body's own energy to the stone's specific vibrational frequency. 

Browse our curated collection of crystal jewelry for Libra and find the perfect pieces to complete your crystal collection. Each piece is already charged and blessed to help guide you during this period when the sun is in Libra. Remember to set an intention when using these crystals to maximize their healing energies, especially for the specific purpose you need them for. 

Clear Quartz Necklace

Looking for the perfect crystal jewelry for Autumn? This Clear Quartz Crystal is an excellent choice for anyone looking to start a crystal jewelry collection. Known for its versatility and ability to clear all chakras, this beautiful Clear Quartz necklace set against beads of fluorite is the perfect piece for Autumn. An excellent stone for warding off negativity and enhancing mental clarity, this necklace can help you focus and achieve your goals this season and as a bonus, it's sure to make a statement every time you wear it, too!



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