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Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Written by Mikhal Santos

moonstone properties

 Moonstone: Meaning, Physical Traits, and Crystal Healing Properties

Reminiscent of a full moon against the night sky, Moonstone is a gem that has been greatly revered by many ancient cultures for its beauty and metaphysical properties. It was believed to have landed on earth directly from the moon itself; the ancient Romans believed that Moonstone came from the rays of the moon, solidifying before descending onto the earth. If you’ve ever seen the sky at night when the moon is full and the sky is clear, it probably isn’t much of a mystery to you why Moonstone is named after the moon. 

Holding a Moonstone in your hand feels magical- like you actually have the ability to physically grasp something as beautiful and mysterious as the moon itself. The positive energy it emits is a testament to its powerful healing properties. 

The moon is believed to hold many healing properties, which is why it is used to cleanse crystals. One way of cleansing crystals of negative energy is to leave them out overnight where the rays of the moon can reach them. Moonstone, much like its namesake, also has the ability to clear people’s minds of negative emotions.

Moonstone is one of the three birthstones for the month of June. It is also the Zodiac birthstone as well as Planetary Stone for Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. 

The state of Florida declared Moonstone as their official state gemstone in 1970 to commemorate and memorialize all astronauts who participated in the Apollo 11 launch- the first successful moon landing mission in 1969.


Moonstone Physical Characteristics

Blue Moonstone Adularescence

Oval-Shaped Moonstone

Moonstone is actually composed of two feldspar varieties, orthoclase and albite, which are alternately layered in the stone when it is formed. This unique formation of Moonstone is responsible for the stone’s beautiful pearly iridescent schiller, also known as adularescence. When light passes through the layers of feldspar within the stone, it scatters through the gaps and results in a beautiful color play once it reaches the observer’s eye.

Moonstones come in a variety of colors including blue (the most well-known variety), white, peach/pink, yellow, gray, and even rainbow. Most Moonstones display a pearly iridescent sheen, sometimes exhibiting a star or cat’s eye effect in its schiller depending on the stone’s opacity, cut, and color. 

The rarest Moonstones are of the transparent (almost colorless) variety with a strong blue adularescence. They used to be abundant in Myanmar but are now extremely rare because almost all of the deposits there have been mined. Moonstones can also be found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India, Brazil, and Austria. 

Like most feldspars, Moonstone has a rating of around 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Physically, it’s not the toughest of stones and can easily break depending on how it is cut, but metaphysically, it is a stone that holds in it many powerful healing properties. 

Moonstone as a Healing Crystal in Ancient Times

Moonstone is one of the most treasured gemstones in ancient times. The Greeks used it to adorn tombstones and the Romans used it in jewelry as a talisman when traveling at night and when traveling on water because the moon’s gravity heavily influences the tides at sea. Lunar tides are twice as strong as solar tides, and as such, carrying or wearing a Moonstone amulet while traveling on water was considered to be essential in ensuring the traveler's safety. 

Moonstone is associated with the feminine energy, Yin, due to the  soothing, passive, and nurturing energies it emits. It has been used not just as a protection stone in India but as a fertility stone as well, especially when used as a necklace during a full moon. It is also considered a sacred stone for lovers in India, as it is believed to bring couples together and promote love and luck for married couples. While it has a strong affinity to the feminine energy, Moonstone is also used to help balance both theYin (female) and Yang (male) energies. 

As the ancients believed the stone to be a physical, tangible part of the moon, they held Moonstone in the highest regard. The Greeks and Romans believed the stone carried the power of their moon goddesses, Selene and Luna, respectively


Modern Use of Moonstone as a Healing Crystal

Moonstone is a such a soothing stone to look at and touch. Its pearly sheen is a sight to behold and its blue schiller is as mesmerizing as the moon itself when it looms large above us during a full moon phase. 

As a healing crystal, Moonstone is primarily used as a protective stone especially while traveling whether by road, air, or water. Although it has a special affinity for water, which is why it is mostly used for protection while traveling in water due to its association with the moon and the tides. 

It is associated with the Crown Chakra which vibrates white and helps with connecting to your subconscious (your higher self). It helps put matters we keep in the deepest darkest crevices of our minds to light so we can come to terms with them or resolve issues that we have buried deep inside of ourselves. Just as how we have Sun signs (our zodiac signs) that represent our outer traits, we also have Moon signs (different from our Sun signs) that represent our higher-selves, our subconscious mind, our own mysteries. Wearing Moonstone as jewelry such as in the form of a pair of earrings or necklace can help you tune into the energies of your Moon sign, or to make it simpler, it can help you connect with your subconscious.


Peach Moonstone Necklace

Teardrop Peach Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone is also associated with the Third Eye and Heart Chakras, as some of the colors the stone comes in are related to these chakras.. Regardless of the stone’s color, however, Moonstone is a protection stone and can help you reach into the inner mysteries of your personality to improve your overall spirituality. 

Listed below are some of the common issues that Moonstone can help heal and balance. Spiritual healers, particularly, those who use crystals for healing recommend the stone for these issues.


All of us have experienced the feeling of anxiety more than a few times in our lives. It comes more often with much more strength in others, but even the calmest person you know has dealt with anxiety at one point or another. 

As a stone of the Crown Chakra, meditating with Moonstone can help keep your mind at ease whenever you feel excessively anxious. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, wearing Moonstone as jewelry can help clear your head of anxious thoughts and keep you in touch with your rational brain. 


Negativity is a bad habit we all tend to turn to when we hit a rough patch. The problem with negativity is that it spreads toxic energy that pulls everyone around down with you, especially those closest to you. Whenever you feel too much negative emotions, hold onto a piece of Moonstone or meditate with it

Blue Moonstones can help promote clear thinking and peach or yellow Moonstones can help steer negativity and hate to a more peaceful and loving state of mind. 

Self Confidence

We all go through times of self-doubt. You’d be surprised to find that some of the most confident people you know actually suffer from self-esteem issues. Any issues relating to how we see ourselves is often an issue of the Heart Chakra

When you doubt yourself or you feel overly anxious about your performance at work or in any of your endeavors, what may have started out as a minor issue can evolve into a much bigger problem later on. Our brains are wired to follow certain trains of thought so the more you doubt yourself without addressing the issue, the more you’ll fall into a pattern of self-deprecation, self-doubt, and a constant fear of being rejected. 

Moonstone, particularly those of the peach and yellow variety, is an excellent cure for issues relating to how you see yourself. As it resonates with the Heart Chakra, wearing a peach Moonstone necklace can help boost your self-confidence as it promotes self-love, particularly unconditional love.

Learning to accept yourself for who you are is important to your personal spiritual journey and before you can even start on fixing other issues, you have to fix your relationship with yourself first. 

Moonstone is an excellent stone for self-love and self-healing because it puts to light what we hide from people and what we hide from ourselves. You’d be surprised at how much self-discovery you can accomplish with a little bit of help from a Moonstone crystal. 


If you have issues in any type of love, I recommend peach Moonstone. Some people have trouble expressing or giving love because they have other unresolved issues. 

Sometimes, it’s just an issue of not knowing how to show someone you love them, especially for those who are not very affectionate by nature. As previously alluded to, Moonstone is considered a “Stone for Lovers” especially in India. If you’re having issues in your romantic relationship, meditate with Moonstone or wear it as jewelry, as it can help clear any blockages in your Heart Chakra to allow for the free flow of unconditional love. 

You can also give your partner Moonstone jewelry as a gift so you can both benefit from the positive energy of this crystal. Moonstone has been considered a traditional wedding anniversary gift in India for thousands of years. It is also a modern day gift option for 13th year wedding anniversaries

As a stone of the Heart Chakra, peach Moonstone doesn’t just help with romantic love. It helps promote all kinds of unconditional love. 

It is also recommended for children who are overly sensitive as it can help them develop a healthy sense of self earlier on in life and it is believed to help encourage growth, not just spiritual growth, but physical growth as well. 

Physical Ailments

Moonstone, being associated with the Yin feminine energy, helps with female reproductive issues, particularly fertility issues. It is believed to stimulate sensual energies and hormonal balance, which is why it is recommended to wear a Moonstone necklace to help boost fertility in women. Wearing Moonstone jewelry during childbirth helps promote ease and safety for both the mother and child during delivery.

Moonstone, particularly those of the blue variety, also helps with hormone imbalances related to the thyroid. Thyroid problems can lead to unnecessary weight gain, erratic mood swings, and depressive disorders. In the elderly, Moonstone is recommended to help ease musculoskeletal pain. It also works for athletes who experience injury or pain after participating in sports. 

Wear Moonstone as jewelry, whether in the form of a necklace, earrings, ring, or even bracelet as skin contact makes the healing properties of the stone more effective. 

Please, note, however, that Moonstone is not meant to replace treatment by a physician. However, it can help clear internal blockages and give you a boost in positivity and confidence when you get treatment from a medical health professional. 

When using Moonstone or other healing crystals to help you with any issue or to just boost positive energy, remember to always set an intention.  When setting an intention, make sure you declare it in a form of a statement; say it as if it is already true while holding the crystal in your hand. 

However, we always recommend to keep an open mind when using crystals for healing. By this, we mean, try not to judge or set expectations when setting an intention. It might sound contradictory, but when you have all these expectations when you set your intention, you'll end up limiting yourself to the results you want.. Remember, sometimes we are given what we need instead of what we want, we just don't realize that we need them until they manifest in our lives. And, that is ultimately, the healing purpose of crystals like Moonstone- it helps us see what we can't see and with perfect clarity, too.


Moonstone on Fire Polished Beads

Wear this beautiful Moonstone necklace whether at work or when attending social events to clear your head of negative thoughts.  Set in an array of fire polished beads carefully chosen to draw attention to the beautiful teardrop peach Moonstone in the center, this necklace is truly a wearable piece of art. Its soothing properties will keep you calm and collected throughout the day, no matter what stressors may come your way. And if you need to clear your head, take it off and meditate with it in a quiet place until you feel like you're ready to face the world again. 



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