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Crystals for Taurus Energy

Written by Mikhal Santos


Stones and Crystals for Taurus Zodiac Energy


Taurus Basic Zodiac Information:

Date Duration: April 20 to May 20

Symbol: Bull

Element: Earth

Sign Quality: Fixed

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Taurus zodiac symbol

From April 20 to May 20, the Sun is in Taurus. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it’s cycle starts in spring - Taurus season. Taurus is symbolized by the bull and is associated with the element, earth. Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, Venus. Taurus energy is generally calm, but has the tendency to become aggressive especially during difficult situations. During this time every sign of the Zodiac will be exposed to Taurus' energy. How this energy affects you depends on your personality and ability to adapt to the changes around you. 

Taurus souls are straightforward and methodical. They love to bask (mostly alone) in the fruit of their efforts and believe the path to success lies in a disciplined and organized approach to work and life. 

During this season, Taurus may feel extra passionate and go for bigger gains and rewards. They will see rewards coming as a result of their sensible approach to work and life. Taurus may feel like spending on themselves during this time of the year as their way of realizing what their hard work has brought them. Most Taurus prefer to keep to themselves and so their spending may be misunderstood by others as greedy or poorly planned.

Taurus’ taste for success may come off as materialistic or excessive but most Taurus just want to surround themselves with things they love and they also want others around them to enjoy themselves too. Taurus just sees this as the right way to live and have a tendency to fill their life with things they find beautiful.

Those in Taurus have a tendency to be bullheaded. They do not like change and once they’ve set their mind to something, they will not alter it. Taurus see this trait as a strength and it can (and will) lead them to success in different facets of their life. They have a strong sense of duty and many Taurus are most comfortable with routines and work passionately to grow in their careers.

Taurus season may be a good time for many to work harder on their goals, small and big alike. You can take advantage of Taurus' determined energy to focus on endeavors that would be beneficial to your long-term success. Taurus' energy and ability to get things done with intense focus and determination can help anyone who has trouble concentrating on their goals. However, if you feel that you are more attuned to the aggressive part of Taurus' energy, you might want to slow it down a bit during this season. Fortunately, there are stones and crystals that can help you out during Taurus season whether you want to take advantage of Taurus' energy to turn your goals into reality or you want to slow down a little and learn to appreciate the present moment. 

A Closer Look at Taurus' Strengths and Weaknesses


Taurus beings are very down to earth people who, unlike the bold Aries, like to stay away from the spotlight and live their lives keeping away from trouble. They are practical and have an almost hard-headed sense of principles that they absolutely follow, even to their own detriment. 

Taurus are well aware of what is acceptable in social situations and business settings and have a rigid sense of accepting these unspoken rules and believes life would be simpler if everyone around them did the same. Taurus is not very good with situations that deviate from the norm and struggle with keeping up with wilder, more spontaneous people. 

Taurus are more like the strong, silent type. They are very reliable and easily gain people’s trust as their value for honor and sensibility is easily picked up on by those around them. They may not be the fun daredevils of a group, but when something needs to be addressed and fixed behind the scenes, Taurus find it easy to handle problems calmly and patiently. 

When something is working perfectly, people don’t notice it. It’s only when something goes wrong that people start talking about it and bring attention to the matter. This is a truth about the world that Taurus is very aware of as they are used to keeping things in running order without taking any praise for it.  

Taurus would prefer to fix the problem on their own and often ignore the loudest voices and their complaints. Taurus are very persistent and will stay on top of matters, tunnel-visioning on the problem until they solve it, possibly ignoring those around them providing real help as they are drowned out by the loudest complaints.

Recommended Stones and Crystals for Taurus Zodiac Energy

1. Jade

Jade crystal

Chakra:Third Eye, Heart, Throat

Jade is a beautiful stone that has been used since ancient times for carvings and ornamentation. They come in different colors, but the most popular and predominant variety are green Jades. 

Green Jade is an excellent stone for Taurus season. They are strong, durable, and work well for improving harmony. Jades are crystals for protection. They work especially well for any risk-seeking Taurus as it staves away misfortune. 

Jades are also used as talismans and normally carried around to reduce excessive energies, particularly the urge for excessive spending. 

Jade is an excellent protective stone for Taurus and those around them. Jade balances one's nerves and calms one's thoughts. It is also known to promote good health and fast recovery from injuries and illnesses. Jade is definitely a stone you’ll want to keep with you during Taurus season, regardless of your sign. 



Chakra: Heart

Rhodonites are rose-colored stones and are closely related to Rhodochrosite. They are widely used to heal emotional damage. Rhodonite will heal wounds from the past and help you regain inner balance and nurture any lost potential.

Rhodonites also keep you grounded and shields you from panic and emotional shocks. For anyone going through difficult times, like many of us are right now, Rhodonite stones will keep us focused and brave in the midst of difficult challenges. 

Rhodonite is also good for reconciling broken relationships and rebuilding them anew. It keeps feelings of anger and bitterness away and removes any self-destructive thoughts and inclinations. Meditate with Rhodonite when you feel your emotions are getting in the way of focusing on your goals or when you are in the process of self-healing. 


3. Carnelian


Chakra: Root, Sacral

Carnelian stones are brimming with life energy. These stones keep our internal organs in good health and can repair damaged tissues and restore lost vigor. Carnelians also maximize the absorption of nutrients from food and improves our digestion and other bodily functions.

Carnelians give us motivation and endurance as well as provide feelings of joy and happiness. In times of antiquity, people used Carnelians to overcome shyness and anxiety in social situations. Carnelians are the stone of choice for singers.

Carnelians work well with Taurus as they help with success in offices and take away the negative energy of feeling overburdened by others. Carnelians give a better sense of practicality and keep ideals and principles in check.


Meditate with Carnelian whenever you feel too much negative energy or when you want to boost your confidence, especially when it comes to getting tasks done and pursuing your goals. It is especially effective to wear Carnelian as jewelry during this time to help you stay grounded and confident especially when facing difficult challenges. 

4. Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Chrysocolla and Pyrite stones

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

Lapis Lazuli is a premier crystal of truth and self-expression. It encourages self-discovery and reveals inner truths about yourself. It will help you come to terms with things you’ve repressed and remove any unease that haunts you from your past. 

Lapis lazuli strengthens friendships and allow the usually reserved Taurus to have an easier time opening up to others about themselves; effective communication helps deepen relationships not just with friends and family, but also with colleagues and people you closely work with. 

Lapis lazuli is a stone that promotes honesty in oneself and allows you to look past your own ego.  It is a stone that every Taurus should have in their collection, as it allows them to see past their preconceived notions of reality and reveal truths about themselves and the world around them. 


As Taurus hate being in the spotlight, it can be difficult for those who are in positions where they have to share ideas with teams or groups of people. Anyone who has trouble communicating effectively, whether due to clouded thoughts or lack of confidence, can benefit from Lapis Lazuli. It not only boosts your confidence in speaking out, but it also promotes wisdom and helps improve one's performance. Wear Lapis Lazuli as jewelry such as in the form of a necklace (so it's close to your throat) or a bracelet whenever you have to address groups of people or when you just need a boost in confidence and focus. 

5. Pyrite


Chakra: Solar Plexus

Pyrites are golden stones filled with positive energy. Pyrites are great for dealing with sad or depressing thoughts and help you get over regrets that come from loss. Pyrites can help you pierce through pretenses to see what something really means in its actual context. 

Turn to Pyrite when dealing with overwhelming fears and feelings of hesitation- this is especially useful for Taurus or for anyone dealing with the same feelings during this season. Carry Pyrite with your or wear it as jewelry mixed with other stones that complement its energy when you find yourself having to make difficult decisions. Pyrite is especially attuned to Taurus energy, as it is an earth element stone that also resonates with the fire element. 

Pyrite will shield you from harm and stop you from focusing on negative criticism whether it's self-criticism or criticism from others. Pyrites will also keep your intellectual energy high and prevent mental exhaustion by improving the blood flow to your brain.

6. Kyanite


Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Kyanite is a stone of loyalty and fairness. Kyanite stones are great when dealing with disagreements and arguments and can rekindle trust with those we fought with recently. Kyanite is an excellent stone for communicating and for opening one's mind to other people's views and beliefs while still sticking to one's ideals and principles - qualities that that Taurus can significantly benefit from.

Kyanite stones help you share your truth without fear of judgment. It keeps your head cool enough to understand people may disagree and help you remember that disagreements are perfectly normal as long as both parties respect each other’s differences.

Kyanite also helps strengthen your connection with other people. It promotes open-mindedness while encouraging you to share your feelings and ideas with others. Kyanite is also a self-cleansing crystal and as such, it's great to wear as jewelry -- especially when you feel too much negative energy around you or from other people. 

7. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Necklace with Fluorite crystals

Chakra: Crown

Clear quartz is a stone for cleansing your soul and for amplifying the connection between your mind and body. Clear quartz homes in on and dissipates negative energy. This stone gives you a better perception of the world.

Clear quartz is one of the best and most versatile healing crystals around and is used to help any kind of condition. It strengthens your immune system to keep you safe.

Clear quartz has a multitude of uses:  from warding off negative energy, balancing the mind, body, and spirit, to boosting mental acuity, improving memory and focus, and allows one to explore higher planes of thought, it truly is one powerhouse of a crystal and is beneficial for everyone -- not just Taurus during this season. 

Wear Clear Quartz as jewelry to embolden your resolve and when you need to maximize your focus when dealing with especially difficult tasks. It's also useful to have with you to ward off negative energy. 

8. Variscite 


Chakra: Heart, Throat

The main use of Variscite is to dispel. Unlike most crystals that augment traits and elements, Variscite is used to eliminate traits and energies that don't serve you. Because of this, most people use Variscite to help themselves fight diseases and to ward off negativity,

Variscite also promotes calmness during chaotic situations. This stone prevents problems from escalating and neutralizes negativity before it gets out of hand. 

Variscite is best used to restore balance back in your life if you think things have become unstable. Meditate with Variscite or wear it as jewelry when you feel like your life has gone off course and when you feel out of balance - it'll help dispel disillusionment and help you regain focus. 

variscite necklace

9. Malachite


Chakra: Heart

Malachite is used for promoting emotional balance and well being. Malachite helps repair any deep emotional damage and helps you come to terms with what once was and how things are now. Malachite also helps with self-expression and nourishes already healthy relationships by encouraging you to give rather than to take.

Malachite boosts emotional courage and gives you the strength to take emotional risks. It is particularly useful in helping you identify what is holding you back and  gives you the initiative needed to tackle your psychological burdens. 

Malachite is also used as a stone of protection. It absorbs nearby negative energy, preventing it from affecting you and your well being. Malachite stones will need regular cleansing to maintain their efficacy. Wear or carry Malachite in times of emotional stress to keep you calm while weathering stormy situations. 

10. Diamond


Chakra: Crown

Diamond is the traditional birthstone for Taurus born in April. 

Diamonds are one of the most renowned stones around and are highly valued. Despite being one of the most commonly owned stones, most people are unaware of the positive characteristics of diamonds.

Diamonds are support stones that augment the energy of other stones. It improves brain function and enhances all your senses. Though Diamonds do not have a direct effect on your emotions, their powerful energies can passively affect emotions and even change your current emotional state. 

It is wise to take off any Diamond if you are feeling anxious or paranoid as these feelings may intensify. A Diamond’s strong energy can be used to power through emotional baggage and even eliminate feelings of inadequacy.


Those of you who want to make the most out of this season while the sun is in Taurus or feel as though you would benefit from some self-exploration and learn more about yourself can turn to the stones and crystals listed above. These stones are particularly potent this season and can augment Taurus’ energy. These stones will also help everyone during Taurus season. Seasons like these are great for learning more about yourself and how you should move forward with your life. These stones can help with that and make things fall closer to your favor.

We recommend wearing these crystals as jewelry, as their vibrations are especially effective with skin contact. We also recommend that you set an intention before using any crystal whether to wear as jewelry or for meditation and cleansing rituals so that they are attuned specifically to the purpose you intend to use them for. 

Browse our curated collection of Taurus crystal jewelry and pick up a few pieces for this season of new beginnings. All of the crystals in our collection are already charged and blessed so they are ready to use for whatever issues you want to address or to boost positive energies in your surroundings. 


Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite Stones Necklace

Boost your mental acuity and learn to deal with difficult emotions during Taurus season with the help of our Royal Wisdom Necklace. Featuring rectangular Lapis Lazuli stones set against beads of Pyrite and Lapis Lazuli, this is the perfect statement piece to wear with any outfit during Taurus season.  Not only does it make a statement but it also helps you learn to speak effectively with truth and wisdom at the forefront while helping you deal with strong emotions and keeping negativity at bay. 



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