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Everything is Energy

Written by Lisa D'Arrigo

everything is energy

Everything is Energy

Sometimes you walk into a place and immediately notice that the atmosphere is charged, perhaps it feels intense, electric or maybe it feels oppressive and negative.  Like there’s an elephant in the room (poor elephant gets a bad rep here, but hopefully you know what I’m saying ;).

Other times when you enter a space, you immediately feel welcomed, peaceful and soothed. It feels like an oasis, it brings a smile to your face and a lightness to your spirit. You feel like you’d enjoy spending time in this place.

That’s energy right’s all energy.

World famous physicist Albert Einstein knew this to be true and many wisdom teachers, spiritual leaders, and scientists have since shared this same sentiment; that everything is energy.

Einstein said:

Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  This is not philosophy.   This is physics.

~ Albert Einstein

So, what does that mean? Everything is energy? And what’s that about matching the frequency?

Well, maybe you’ve heard this premise before … that everything is connected, that all things in the universe are connected to a higher cosmic order that spans space and time. All things, all beings, rock, heart, stone, water, earth, fire air, the stuff of stars are connected. That premise grew out of the notion that everything in the Universe is energy. Furthermore, energy doesn't disappear; it cannot be created or destroyed.

Jumping off from that … this is not a new theory, but it’s being explored more and more as part of an exciting and expanding field of modern medicine and science called quantum medicine and quantum physics. And with the expansion of quantum-based studies and research, the word is getting out to a wider audience. 

Now, I’m by no means an expert in the quantum field, so if you’d like to learn more about that, I recommend checking out the teachings of Deepak Chopra. He’s a master at explaining the work of quantum physics and subatomic particles. And he’s written several books which are comfortably readable and a good place to start.

So, when you hear everything is energy, it basically means that everything in the universe has a vibration.  Everything has an energetic frequency that it holds, that it emits and that can be felt and absorbed by others.

Specifically, by sentient beings, our energy fields are highly influenced by happenings all around us; by our feelings, emotions and by the interactions and stresses that we experience on the daily.

Our mood can change very quickly depending on so many factors; if we are in a rush, if there’s a long line, if traffic is heavy, if someone is yelling or argumentative. When going about the business of life, we encounter all sorts of people and circumstances that can have an effect on us.  And if it has an effect on us on a conscious level, it’s already had an effect on our subconscious and our energy field.

At the start, we talked about how you might feel the energy right away, good or bad, when you step into a place.  Now, perhaps it’s not even a place, but rather a person you encounter that you have an immediate reaction to, you FEEL something, that’s palpable, positive or negative, it’s a strong feeling. This is an example of an interaction between your energy fields. It’s even more pronounced in sensitive people - that have tapped into their intuition, developed their clair senses or those who are natural empaths.

We’ll get into more details of the subtle body in just a moment but this right here is the reason why people will often wear or carry specific stones that can help shield or protect their own energy and deflect negativity. Most of the popular protective stones are also primo grounding stones which help keep you centered and connected to the anchoring properties of Mother earth’s energy. Certain stones (like obsidian, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, black kyanite for example) hold the frequencies of grounding, protection and shielding vibrations and they can help to shift, move and transmute energy.

Our individual energy bodies (sometimes referred to as our electromagnetic field, or aura) extend approximately four feet out beyond our physical bodies, so even if there is no physical interaction there can still be an energetic exchange.  Does that make sense? Picture it like an egg or a bubble around your body that extends out in all directions. Because of its larger radius, the energy body comes into contact with a lot more than our physical bodies. And according to wisdom traditions and ancient teachings, imbalance, disease, and disorder start in the subtle body long before it manifests into a physical ailment.  

subtle body, aura, chakra, meridians

Subtle Body

With the term subtle body, I’m referring to your energetic body in a general way. And that encompasses your aura, meridians, nadis, and chakras, including all of the components and layers of your energy field.

The seven main chakra centers, wheels or vortexes, of energy have been referred to in many ancient cultures around the globe. There is information that sounds remarkably similar from civilizations halfway across the world that had no way of contacting each other during their lifetimes. Yet, somehow they all knew these wise ways and have recorded and shared their ancient teachings around the chakras and subtle body. 

In the Far East, Chinese medicine teaches about Chi the energy force of the body and nadis and meridians that is the foundational premise for the success and widespread use of acupuncture as a respected healing modality.

Next, we have the Vedic texts in India, where mystics and wise old gurus teach about the subtle body and accessing, opening, balancing the chakras with the aid of meditation, yoga and ayurvedic practices (which also include the use of herbs, oils, and stones).

The shamans of Peru have written about our energy fields.  The ancient healers in Egypt knew about the connection of the mind, body spirit and had deep-rooted beliefs in the afterlife and our connection to the cosmos.

Far from a new age idea, this is ancient wisdom:

We are energy, and we can make subtle shifts in our energy field with the help of healing techniques and subtle energy tools to bring positive change to our lives.


Do you know someone who is upbeat, happy and glowing all of the time (or most of the time)? Did someone pop into your head right away?  If not maybe you’ll notice next time you see someone that’s shining bright and you’ll take note.

people's vibrational frequency

When a person is emitting a glow, their frequency, their vibration is high.  They are high vibing beings. And this has absolutely nothing to do with mind-altering substances, but instead, it’s all about their frequency.

Because we are energy, we give off vibrations. And all vibes radiate at a certain frequency.  Feelings of joy, love, gratitude, and happiness are high vibing frequencies. While feelings of negativity, jealousy, anger, despair, and fear are low vibing.  

And if you’ve been hovering too long in a low vibing place, you want to raise your vibration. To raise up to the positive good feeling place. It’s kind of like a radio station -  we can’t tune into the program if we are on a different channel. So, that’s where energy tools come in and they can help us to raise our vibration and keep it higher longer. We change the channel so that we are tuning into the vibes that we want in our lives.

Crystals as one kind of energy tool, have so much to offer due to the huge scope of different gems and minerals created in the earth. Crystals are an all natural source that can be tapped into to access higher vibrations; healing on both physical and emotional levels, positive manifestations, love and much more.

See it goes right back to energy. Energy and frequency.  Each crystal (stone, rock all used interchangeably here) has different minerals inherent in their make up that gives them different healing properties, or energetic vibrations.  Their vibrations, when brought into contact with our energy fields, can produce subtle shifts, or powerful changes and big results.

We are working with the subtle body and because each person and life experience is an individual energetic being, the results may vary slightly from person to person. Luckily there are a lot of different stones to choose from!  So you can tap into your own intuition or the experience of a healer to help you find the right tool for you.

Additionally, with work in the subtle body, it’s often an ongoing process. So you sit with your work for a while.  It’s ongoing work, not an overnight fix. Although having said that, I’ve learned through my crystal healing practice that you never know what can happen - and major breakthroughs have occurred with some of the biggest skeptics.  

vibrational frequency of crystals


The vibrational frequency of a crystal is very stable - it’s rock solid.  It does not change (unless something big happens or it’s been used for healing work in which case you’d want to cleanse your stones and/or charge them up in moonlight or another sacred practice that calls to you for cleansing or charging).  Because of the stable composition, and unwavering vibrational frequency, the stones can help bring our frequency up to match theirs.

Our energy shifts to match that of the crystal. Our energy moves, changes or transforms with help from the energetic vibration of the stone. 

And because of this, people will often find that they are attracted to certain stones. In my opinion, it’s the law of attraction in action. You might be intuitively drawn to the crystals that you need at a given time. The crystal is broadcasting the program that you need to tap in to. It’s playing the music so to speak, it’s speaking the language that your soul needs to hear.

There are so many options when choosing your energy tools including working with crystals, herbs and essential oils. Not to mention energy healing techniques and practices like reiki, shamanic journeying, crystal healing, sound therapy, light therapy, aromatherapy, and flower essences.The list goes on and many of these modalities complement each other beautifully and can help you get into alignment and maintain balance in mind, body and spirit.


Now if you choose to live by this belief, that everything is energy, then it is natural that it also comes with a level of personal responsibility. That you need to take at look at the energy that you bring forth.

What kind of energy are you bringing to a given moment? To your family, to your meeting, to your life?

Every day, we bring ourselves to the table with all of our energetic stuff, so what are you bringing to the table? Are you bringing Love?  Peace? Abundance? Positivity? Or are you bringing lots of baggage, negativity and fear?

It’s important to take inventory of yourself and really take a hawk eye view of your own energy. 

Here on this journey of life, as we evolve, learn and expand of minds, there is also the need to take a look inside.  And from that, you can learn more about yourself, expand your inner knowing and make adjustments as needed.

Remember, there are healers and sacred tools that can help you to achieve or move through change.  You are not alone and there are small changes that anyone can make towards a more positive, joyful and vibrant life.

Everything is energy, so you have the world at your fingertips,  to support you, heal and help you grow.



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