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AEC Family & Jeremy Werner - Mar 11, 2021

Astrology Outlook & Healing Tips for Aries Season

March 20, 2021 – April 19, 2021
Aries Gemstone: Diamond
Ruling Planet: Mars
Mars Gemstones: Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Red Coral, Carnelian 

For all of us here at AEC, improving our balance and harmony with the universe is something we're always working to improve. Over the years we've noticed that as soon as we seem to be getting a handle on things, something changes seemingly out of the blue bringing challenges and disruption to our life. Yay.

After more than enough times of looking in the mirror and screaming, "WTH!" we began to see a pattern. These shifts almost always aligned with either the moon phases or some other astrological shift. As we began to take note of these events and adjust our spiritual growth and self-care routines around them there was a new shift, progress!

We finally began seeing the consistent growth we wanted. It felt like our spiritual journey had finally started for real. And while it was just a new beginning, it also felt like an end. The end of an old lifestyle and belief system we had been trying to shed for years. 

After continuing this practice for awhile we started thinking about how we could improve it. What if we could plan a detailed breakdown of the best practices for each zodiac season on a week by week basis? And already have our crystals preselected and have meditations and affirmations ready to go so that even when things got hard we knew what to do. So we asked our teacher, Akashic Astrologer Jeremy R. Werner, if he would be willing to give us his astrology insight to help with this and he said yes!

We loved it so much and have found so much benefit from it that we wanted to share it with all of you in the form of monthly posts here on our blog. Here is the outlook for this Aries season:

Ready. Set. Go!

Anew astrological year begins at the Vernal Equinox when the Sun enters Aries, the first Sign of the Zodiac. Aries is symbolized by the Ram and represents the energy of Spring and the power of initiation. The seeds of Winter now eagerly sprout and begin their life’s journey toward maturation and fruition.

Ruled by energetic Mars, the Cardinal Fire of Aries is active, eager, restless, headstrong and at times impetuous, contentious and reckless. If you want to get something new started, Aries is the time to act. But take heed! While you may get things going this month, you may not stay focused long enough to get to the finish line. Impatience and arrogance are the stumbling blocks for the competitive Ram. 

Time for Change Sign With Led Light

During the Spring season, take a closer look at where you need to be a leader in your own life. Question areas where stagnation rules and boost your courage as you dare to risk. Move forward with gusto but be careful not to bowl over the others on your path. You might need them after all! As you find your own way of living your life, cultivate the respect that you’ll need for ultimate success.

Activate your body, circulate your energy and clear your mind with this brisk walking meditation: 

hematite stone

Stand facing the inside of your front door with a Hematite in your left hand and a Red Jasper in your right. See that you are at the starting gate.

red jasper tumbled stone

Now, tune into your Solar Plexus between the heart and navel and feel the energy there. Think of a goal or project that you wish to initiate. Energize the breath as you get set for departure. Feel your eager anticipation building. When you feel compelled to move, go! Open the door and begin your trip around the block, walking at a fast and steady pace. Keep your head up and lead with your forehead. Feel your inner drive and the energy coursing through your body. Think of your goal or project from time to time as you walk.

Continue for 5-10 min according to your own body’s needs and capabilities. (Note: If you are unable to walk physically in this way for whatever reason, you can perform this meditation as a visualization while holding the stones.)

When you feel complete, slow down and walk at a casual pace for a few minutes. Once you return home, set the stones on the ground to clear them and take a few minutes for gentle stretching. Feel your breath return to a normal, relaxed pace. When you’re ready, journal your experience, including any new ideas or courses of action. During the week, follow through on your goal or project. If you find yourself dragging your feet, remember that you can repeat this meditation to catalyze a fresh start.

Astro Aspects

The chart for the ingress of the Sun into Aries gives us a forecast for the Spring quarter as well as an indication of the energies for the entire year.

The Venus-Sun-Chiron conjunction 

The Sun in Aries is in its exaltation, making it very strong and purposefully directed. This fires up a new creational cycle. Venus in Pisces is in its exaltation as well, giving it added strength and dignity. However, it is applying to a conjunction with the Sun and is therefore combust and hidden by the solar light. This year, we need to experience a higher octave of relationship while also getting ahead on our own. This can be quite the paradox! With Venus in sextile to Pluto, we have the opportunity to transform our relationships for the better if we put in the necessary effort.

With the Sun approaching the asteroid Chiron in Aries, our inner vulnerabilities are illuminated, and we are challenged to change any people-pleasing or self-sacrificing behaviors. We are called to grow greater self-worth and to discover our unique gifts with self-love. Both Mars and Saturn sextile Chiron, instilling within us the determination, focus and drive that we need to face our challenges. 

The stone triad of Rose Quartz, Snow Quartz and Yellow Citrine creates a soft yet powerful field of energy to support us through our process of self-awakening. Rose Quartz helps to open the Heart, ease the emotional body and generate self-love. Snow Quartz brings clarity and peace of mind and illuminates the bigger picture. Yellow Citrine activates the 

Solar Plexus Chakra, supports the proper flow of energy and empowers personal boundaries. Together, these Stone Allies enable us to go the distance in the development of our self-in-relationship.

Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus with the Moon, Mars and North Node in Gemini trining Saturn

The effects of the recent Saturn-Uranus square on February 17 will continue to unfold throughout the year. Saturn, the Planet signifying old traditional ways, is in conflict with Uranus, the Planet signifying unexpected and sudden changes that disrupt the status quo. We are in a time of great change and need to question what it is that we need, both personally and collectively, to evolve our world. The old ways, paradigms and traditions that are not congruent with our path forward are being challenged by new, inspiring and practical ideas. Attachment to the past sustained by unresolved grief perpetuates suffering and keeps us frozen in place.

The Moon in Gemini brings versatility of thought, social activity and the search for new knowledge. There can also be nervous tension with conflict between thought and feeling. Nevertheless, the Moon is separating from a trine to Saturn, which provides more stability, reasoning power and commitment. The Moon is also applying to a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius and a square to Neptune in Pisces, all of which brings spiritual ideals, technological innovations and collective opportunities. This is also a cosmic reminder for us to stay grounded enough to manifest these ideas tangibly without losing ourselves in Wonderland! With Mercury in Pisces square Mars and sextile Uranus, we may be restless in our attempts to realize our vision and incite unexpected confrontations. It is imperative to stay present and mindful in all communications. This turbulence is somewhat offset with Mars in Gemini in trine to Saturn. Our minds are activated yet contained, and we are more likely to find and enact creative solutions to age-old problems in meaningful ways. Finally, with the Moon and Mars conjunct the North Node, this use of our minds is necessary for moving ourselves further along our collective destiny path. 

To move through limitations, restrictions and obstacles with an open, clear mind, perform this simple meditation ceremony:

Light a candle and place around it the following 3 stones: White Moonstone, Blue Calcite, Mahogany Obsidian. White Moonstone connects one with the energies of the Moon and grants one greater access to intuition and the Higher Self. Blue Calcite calms, soothes and brings the mind into greater peace. Mahogany Obsidian activates the lower chakras 

for grounding, provides strength and stamina and promotes self-reflection and the revelation of truth. As we explore ourselves and our inner depths, we need mental equilibrium, emotional stability and physical resilience to make lasting change.

Now, as you meditate, explore your own mind and the flow of thoughts and feelings. Think about where in your life you experience restriction and ask the Spirit of the Stones to meet you there. Breathe in the energies of the stones and exhale them into the restriction. Do this repeatedly in a relaxed way until you feel a shift in the restriction you are working with. Meditate in this way for as long as desired. When complete, journal your insights and carry the stones with you through the day. Notice how you approach any limitations or obstacles that you encounter.

Written by Jeremy R. Werner, The Akashic Astrologer

We hope you found the insight from this months outlook useful. It's an exciting time to set new things in motion and get started on projects. For anyone looking for extra support or guidance with their spiritual practice during this time we have our Monthly Cosmic Care Kit. It comes with all the crystals needed to do the meditations above, along with crystal jewelry, tips, techniques, intentions and affirmations to help you stay balanced as you go through your own personal transformation each and every month.

To get more astrological insights specific to each week of Aries, be sure to sign up for our email list to have them sent directly to you at the start of each week.

With gratitude,

- The AEC Family 

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