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AEC Family & Jeremy Werner - June 20, 2021

Astrology Outlook & Healing Tips for Cancer Season

cancer zodiac outlook


June 20, 2021 – July 22, 2021
Cancer Gemstone:
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Moon Gemstones: Moonstone, Selenite, Pearl

For all of us here at AEC, improving our balance and harmony with the universe is something we're always working to improve. Over the years we've noticed that as soon as we seem to be getting a handle on things, something changes seemingly out of the blue bringing challenges and disruption to our life. Yay.

After more than enough times of looking in the mirror and screaming, "WTH!" we began to see a pattern. These shifts almost always aligned with either the moon phases or some other astrological shift. As we began to take note of these events and adjust our spiritual growth and self-care routines around them there was a new shift, progress!

We finally began seeing the consistent growth we wanted. It felt like our spiritual journey had finally started for real. And while it was just a new beginning, it also felt like an end. The end of an old lifestyle and belief system we had been trying to shed for years. 

After continuing this practice for awhile we started thinking about how we could improve it. What if we could plan a detailed breakdown of the best practices for each zodiac season on a week by week basis? And already have our crystals preselected and have meditations and affirmations ready to go so that even when things got hard we knew what to do. So we asked our teacher, Akashic Astrologer Jeremy R. Werner, if he would be willing to give us his astrology insight to help with this and he said yes!

We loved it so much and have found so much benefit from it that we wanted to share it with all of you in the form of monthly posts here on our blog. Here is the outlook for this Cancer season:

There’s no place like home.

The Sun’s entry into the Sign of Cancer marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Days are the longest as the Sun reaches its northern-most point before beginning its trek southward. This is a powerful time and the culmination point of the energies released at the last Winter Solstice.

Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign that represents sensitivity, feeling, vulnerability, protectiveness and domesticity. Its symbol, the Crab, illustrates the strong need for security and the reticence to reveal one’s inner softness. Indeed, the outer shell and pincers offer the necessary defense against that which would threaten the Crab’s well-being!


The Moon rules Cancer, so during this time we can experience strong waves of emotion and shifting moods like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Our attention is drawn to our home and family, and we tend to our domestic affairs with care and a desire to be helpful.

Meditation: Flowing with Water

To tap into your innate psychic and intuitive abilities is a profound experience that awakens a great tool for navigating your life. Try this meditation to work with lunar energies and open the portal to a watery journey…

Perform this meditation by a body of water or a fountain or simply play music that includes the sound of running water or ocean waves. Sit comfortably with one Moonstone in each palm. Then, gaze at the water or with eyes closed, imagine the ocean in front of you. 

Begin to connect with the Element of Water. See its color and movement and feel its texture and quality. Imagine the touch of water on your skin and moisture in the air. Fill yourself with this watery quality.

Now, bring your awareness to the Sacral Chakra, the energy center in the lower abdomen just above the pubic bone. Start to connect with your own fluid and sensual nature. See how your feelings ebb and flow through you. Follow the inner movement of energy and ask Water to take you on a spiritual journey. Interact with whatever and whomever you encounter and see what new pathways open to you.

Meditate for as long as desired. When complete, gently bring your awareness back to your breath and body. Really feel your own body physically and notice how it is a liquid crystal with its own subtle movements. Hold gratitude in your Heart for your experience, then gently open your eyes.

To clear your Moonstones after each meditation, place them in salt water overnight or lay them on a flat piece of Selenite. This will remove any residual energies from the stones and recharge them for your next journey.

Astro Aspects

The Sun in Cancer trines Jupiter stationed retrograde in Pisces and semi-squares Uranus in Taurus

A mystical doorway opens, and we are called to find our inner spiritual wisdom in new and surprising ways! The Sun represents our consciousness and our need to be ourselves and grow. With the Sun in Cancer, our Hearts soften and open to a deeper vulnerability. Jupiter, the planet of the Spiritual Teacher or Guide, is in its own Sign of Pisces and so brings valuable lessons in Universal Love and Compassion. We have the planetary support we need to awaken our Higher Mind and learn in new ways. With Jupiter stationing retrograde, our spiritual search is an inward path that brings the potential for many opportunities. This month we can anticipate many celestial blessings escorting us into new levels of understanding with a buoyant optimism and eagerness. This may happen in unusual and unexpected ways as the Sun semi-squares Uranus in the fixed Earth Sign of Taurus. Our familiar foundation is shaken, and we can peer inside to see whether we are in fact standing on our own truth.

Pearl and Amethyst are exquisite Stone Allies this month to help open the higher chakras and bring the inner peace necessary for receiving spiritual contact. Wear a bracelet or carry the stones in a sacred pouch. When you need inspiration, touch the stones to your Heart Center and ask to receive your spiritual blessing for the day. Hold the stones until you feel the shift or gain a message or insight. Then, go about your day knowing that Spirit is with you.

The Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus The Moon in Scorpio forms a T-Square with Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Leo

The Moon in Scorpio is an intense emotional force to be reckoned with and in opposition to Uranus in Taurus we enter a vortex of strong emotional energy that confronts us and our relationships in deep and unexpected ways. Inner and outer earthquakes break up our routines and habitual patterns, and repressed feelings from the unconscious erupt. We may react strangely or impulsively under this influence, so we need to keep our feet on the ground and our minds in reality. This electrifying opposition is squared by the Mars-Saturn opposition, also in Fixed Signs. Our wills are inflamed with the need to break down barriers and blast through limitations. We risk engaging in overt power struggles and challenging authority figures in our attempts to gain superiority. Violence and aggression are likely. We wish to liberate ourselves from the shackles that oppress and bind us and to do so we must rectify our pasts, face what we have avoided and look truth in the eyes. This is no small task! Yet with courage and conscious awareness of our inner emotional depths, we can traverse this rocky terrain and emerge renewed with greater wisdom, maturity and strength. Our way through is aligning our wills with our Hearts, respecting ourselves and others and being honest about who we are, what we feel and what we need.

To navigate through turbulent waters, perform this simple meditation ceremony with Moonstone (preferably Black Moonstone), Red Jasper, Mahogany Obsidian and Gold Pyrite. You will also need a candle and a mirror.

Light the candle and place the four stones in a square around it. Place the mirror to the side. Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths to center. Then set your intention to look truth in the eyes. Next, pick up the Moonstone in your left hand and feel its energies. Moonstone opens the Heart and connects one to love and intuition. It brings the power of the Moon into our consciousness and helps one to see what lies below the surface. Return the Moonstone to the candle and pick up the Red Jasper. Take in its color and feel its energies. Red Jasper clears and grounds the mind, provides new life force and endurance and grants protection and strength for the journey. Return the Red Jasper to the candle and pick up the Mahogany Obsidian next. Mahogany Obsidian cleanses the lower chakras and provides additional strength, grounding and protection. It also is a stone of self-reflection and helps one to face one’s fears and challenges with enhanced will power. Return the Mahogany Obsidian to the candle and hold the Gold Pyrite in your left hand. Gold Pyrite is another stone that offers strength, grounding and protection and helps to balance and stabilize one’s energy while bestowing good fortune.

Now, re-state your intention to look truth in the eyes. Continue to hold the Gold Pyrite in your left hand and pick up the mirror in your right hand. Gaze into the mirror to see your own eyes and ask to see the truth that you are ready for. Keep watching your own eyes as you feel what occurs inside you. Once you feel the flow of truth, set the mirror down and journey in your mind. Write down any insights as you continue to explore. Now and then pick up the mirror to see your own eyes again. Notice any changes as you move through different phases of the process. When you feel complete, leave the mirror on the table and return the Gold Pyrite to the candle. Take a few minutes to integrate the energies by taking slow, deep and conscious breaths. To close, hold gratitude in your Heart for the truth that was revealed and gently blow out the candle.

Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and trines Neptune in Pisces

Venus in Cancer emphasizes how sensitive we are now in relationships and how we need safety before intimacy is possible. We may be more vulnerable and try to protect ourselves by withdrawing or creating a social façade. This is amplified considerably with Venus opposite Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld. Hidden feelings and motives may be triggered in our interactions with loved ones, and we may find ourselves trying to control or manipulate others to get our own way. Compulsivity, obsession, and irrationality are potential themes as hidden resentments and tensions surface. Communicating our inner conflicts with grace, humility and respect allows us to work through our conflicts constructively. Venus trine Neptune in its own Sign of Pisces grants us a bit of romantic magic to ease these relational tensions, and we may gain new access to deep, spiritual understanding that helps us through challenging and painful times.

For support through emotional and relational hardship this month, carry the stones Shungite, Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate. Shungite acts as a protective shield to ward off the projections of others and to neutralize any harmful environmental energies. It is also grounding and provides a strong connection to the Earth.

rose quartz stone

 Rose Quartz is a healing stone that instills peace within the Heart and opens one to love. It enhances one’s empathic abilities and eases relational tensions. Blue Lace Agate nurtures, soothes and calms, bringing tranquility and stability to the mind. It is a stone that supports clear and kind communication and fosters serenity within relational dynamics.

Whenever you find yourself in relational conflict, hold the stones and think of the color of the stones in the above order. Feel their healing effects filling and surrounding your body, mind and aura.

Written by Jeremy R. Werner, The Akashic Astrologer

Thank you for reading our Cancer outlook post. Diving deep in to emotions is easier for some of us than others, but a very necessary part of feeling whole and fulfilled. Let's work with the energy of Cancer to bring more emotional fulfillment in to our lives. 

For anyone looking for extra support or guidance with their spiritual practice during this time we have our Monthly Cosmic Care Kit. It comes with all the crystals needed to do the meditations above, along with crystal jewelry, tips, techniques, intentions and affirmations to help you stay balanced as you go through your own personal transformation each and every month.

To get more astrological insights specific to each week of Cancer, be sure to sign up for our email list to have them sent directly to you at the start of each week.

Health & Happiness,

- The AEC Family 

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