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AEC Family & Jeremy Werner - May 20, 2021

Astrology Outlook & Healing Tips for Gemini Season

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May 20, 2021 – June 20, 2021
Gemini gemstone:
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Mercury Gemstones: Topaz, Emerald

For all of us here at AEC, improving our balance and harmony with the universe is something we're always working to improve. Over the years we've noticed that as soon as we seem to be getting a handle on things, something changes seemingly out of the blue bringing challenges and disruption to our life. Yay.

After more than enough times of looking in the mirror and screaming, "WTH!" we began to see a pattern. These shifts almost always aligned with either the moon phases or some other astrological shift. As we began to take note of these events and adjust our spiritual growth and self-care routines around them there was a new shift, progress!

We finally began seeing the consistent growth we wanted. It felt like our spiritual journey had finally started for real. And while it was just a new beginning, it also felt like an end. The end of an old lifestyle and belief system we had been trying to shed for years. 

After continuing this practice for awhile we started thinking about how we could improve it. What if we could plan a detailed breakdown of the best practices for each zodiac season on a week by week basis? And already have our crystals preselected and have meditations and affirmations ready to go so that even when things got hard we knew what to do. So we asked our teacher, Akashic Astrologer Jeremy R. Werner, if he would be willing to give us his astrology insight to help with this and he said yes!

We loved it so much and have found so much benefit from it that we wanted to share it with all of you in the form of monthly posts here on our blog. Here is the outlook for this Gemini season:

Words, Words, Words!

This month brings versatility, sociability and inquisitiveness as the Sun enters the Sign of the Twins – Gemini. Dual in nature, Gemini represents the doorway between our Earthly Self and our Divine Self. It signifies the conscious mind, our ability to think and our search for information and ideas. Through playfulness and humor, Gemini flies through life following the next dream! We may find ourselves restless with curiosity to satisfy our mental cravings through countless new experiences and seek to share our discoveries with others. But take heed! Whimsical Gemini can get carried away with the slightest breeze of distraction, so our challenge at this time is focus.

Communication is an important theme this month as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Winged Messenger of the Gods. Writing, journaling, teaching and speaking are the gifts worth cultivating. Learning new skills with the hands is also a great way to channel any airy nervousness and settle the mind. In fact, Gemini invites us to explore our own minds, to bridge any rifts in our personality and to wield our thought power constructively. With concentration and intention, we can glide freely on the Winds of Change without flying off course!

To work more constructively with your mind, wear or carry a combination of Blue Calcite and White Magnesite. Together, these stones bring a soothing calm to the mental and emotional bodies and support clear, creative thinking.

Time for Change Sign With Led Light

Meditation: Becoming a Sky Being

Hold Blue Calcite in your left hand and White Magnesite in your right. Become aware of your Crown Chakra at the top of the head. Now, visualize a clear, pristine blue sky above you. Take this color into your Crown Chakra and let it fill your head.

Next, ask to receive new inspiration. As you do this, you notice soft pure white clouds forming above you. Notice which cloud calls your attention, then breath that pure white energy into your head through the Crown. Let the pure white and sky-blue colors mix into a beautiful bluish-white light.

When complete, release this bluish-white light back into the sky above you through the Crown. Take a few slow deep breaths to ground yourself in your body. Then, lay down the stones and touch your palms to the Earth for extra grounding. Journal your experience and note any new ideas that awaken your curiosity.

Time for Change Sign With Led Light

Astro Aspects

The Moon in Virgo squares the North Node & Venus in Gemini

The Moon forms a Yod with Saturn in Aquarius & Chiron in Aries
The Moon trines Uranus in Taurus
Venus in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius

The Hand of Fate awakens us out of our slumber as this plethora of planetary interrelationships wields its potent effects!  

Any planet square the North Node presents us with what is called a Skipped Step, a karmic experience by which we are faced to confront what we have dismissed or repressed in the past and to act with greater consciousness and responsibility in accordance with a deeper truth. This month, the Moon squares the North Node and signifies how our feeling reality is what will move us through this karmic doorway. With the Moon in Virgo, we are more apt to discern our feelings and needs, although we may also become too analytical, intellectual or emotionally detached. The North Node is in Gemini and shows us that to move forward in our lives, we need to find our curiosity and explore new ideas. We may prefer to stay in a meditative state rather than focus on the application of our ideas, however staying in the clouds will only hold us back.

Venus conjunct the North Node in Gemini also suggests our need to consider our thoughts about love and relationship. We might discover our desire to socialize with new friends, to learn new things and to share our discoveries with others. Relationships are key to stepping forward on our path, so this is a time to follow your playful Heart and interact in new, spontaneous and creative ways. Venus in Gemini can be “all over the place,” so Venus trining Saturn in Aquarius helps us to stay grounded and focused throughout our social engagements. With the Moon trining Uranus, sudden and unexpected experiences can shake up our routine and reveal where novelty and inspiration are due. Allow change in your life to inspire you in new directions and to question where you’ve become mired in your own repetitive cycles.

The same Moon that squares the North Node is also the apex of a Yod with Saturn and Chiron. Yods are formed when two planets separated by a sextile are both quincunx a third planet. They signify the workings of inescapable Fate and drive us to deal with our inner challenges. With the Moon, Saturn and Chiron involved, we are faced with unresolved wounding from our past and called to take greater responsibility for our inner feeling reality and conscious choices. While this can be stressful to say the least, passing through this celestial doorway offers us the potential to see things more clearly, to address what we have forsaken and to learn how to follow our conscious Destiny rather than submit to unconscious Fate.

To support us through the healing process, we can work with Blue Topaz and Pearl, a perfect combination for the Gemini season. Blue Topaz assists us in clear communication and opens us up to community and friendship.

Pearl is calming and brings balance to our mental and emotional bodies while opening our Hearts to the softness of love and kindness. It also aligns us with the Lunar energies and helps to relieve stress, tension and anxiety. Adding Jet to this combination helps to focus the mind and stay true to our purpose and goals. So, carry this stone triad with you this month and watch how you transmute your karmic challenges with more grace, focus and success!

The Sun in Gemini squares Jupiter in Pisces

Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces

These aspects in Mutable Signs open our minds to otherworldly considerations and encourage us to find our Spiritual Path. Mercury rules the analytical mind, and Jupiter rules the higher, abstract mind. During this time, we may find ourselves dream traveling and losing ourselves in the clouds in search of answers. This offers contact with new spiritual truths and contemplations that can give us insightful support and help us to solve our Earthly challenges. We’re also more likely to lose our grounding and try to escape from our responsibilities! We need to watch ourselves and stay in alignment with our inner truth. Secrecy, haughtiness, arrogance and confusion are road signs that tell us we are out of alignment with our Hearts and integrity. Indeed, we are called to prioritize our focus and concentration to gain wisdom from our true spiritual sources while staying grounded on the Earth plane.

A simple meditation to open to cosmic forces while staying grounded in your body is to hold a Hematite stone in your left hand and an Amethyst in your right. 

amethyst stone

Hematite anchors our energy into the body while Amethyst opens us up to the Neptunian realm of spirituality, intuition and creative vision.

hematite stone

As you hold these stones, be aware of your feet in contact with the ground and the top of your head open to the Universe. Ask to receive insight and inspiration and allow new energies to fill your body. Meditate for as long as desired, then do something in your waking life to manifest your inspiration.

Saturn Retrograde May 23 – Oct 10

Saturn is the Lord of Karma and the Great Teacher of the difficult lessons of time, responsibility, discipline and applied effort leading to manifestation. As Saturn travels through its 4½ month retrograde period, our attention is drawn inwardly toward our inner work and life lessons. With the spotlight on ourselves, we are called to question and cultivate our own inner authority and re-consider our responsibilities and goals. Saturn’s passage evokes deeper questions for each of us, such as “Am I aligned with my truth? Am I moving in the direction that is right for me? Am I being personally accountable for my choices and actions?” This is a period to consolidate our efforts into our inner world to discover where we still carry unfinished business and need to come to terms with reality. Saturn is the Task Master who leads us toward our true needs and grants us the opportunity to resolve our karma appropriately. Through self-responsibility, we grow in maturity and internalize the true empowerment of our soul potentials.

To explore the deeper truths within yourself, sit inside a stone grid made of 6 Mahogany Obsidian stones and one Quartz crystal. Mahogany Obsidian works to reveal carried restrictions and limitations and opens reserves of creative energy that has been hidden or repressed. It is also very grounding, cleanses the aura and offers essential protection while you take a look in the proverbial mirror. Lay the stones around you to form a hexagon and sit in the middle. Hold the Quartz crystal in your left hand with your right hand underneath the left. Settle into your Heart space, then hold the intention to see your inner reality. Start to ask those difficult questions that you have resisted asking in the past. Listen for messages and allow the Spirit of Mahogany Obsidian to enter your thoughts. Have a journal nearby to take any notes and limit your time to 5-10 min to start. When complete, thank the stones for their assistance and gather them into a bundle. Cleanse them in sunlight for up to 1 hour or put them in salt water overnight. Take time to consider your notes and take action in your waking life to manifest your insight.

Mercury Retrograde May 29 – June 22

The Cosmic Messenger begins his retrograde journey at the end of the month and gifts us with the opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate where we are and where we’re going. Mercury remains in the Sign of Gemini throughout this period, so our attention is turned inwardly to our own minds and ideas. Re-think your life direction. Repair your relationship with self. Remember your dreams. In a retrograde, we can re-do what was not fully or correctly completed in the past. So, re-write, review, re-consider, re-connect or re-do whatever calls to you. Remember, during any Mercury Retrograde period, our analytical minds may lose the normal focus and our communications may take some surprising detours. However, this makes way for more intuitive flashes and synchronicities in our lives.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is directly involved in our mental activities and distributes the energy we need to complete the task at hand. To give yourself an extra boost during this Mercury Retrograde period, carry a Yellow Citrine. This brings a bright, joyful and buoyant energy that enhances clarity and potency of action. Yellow Citrine also harnesses the power of the Sun to illuminate your path and cultivate greater confidence, so work with this stone whenever you feel stuck, frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. A new level of optimism may be just what you need to complete your re-do list!

Written by Jeremy R. Werner, The Akashic Astrologer

We hope you found the insight from this months outlook useful. It's a great opportunity to express the insights gained from Taurus season and put change in to motion.

For anyone looking for extra support or guidance with their spiritual practice during this time we have our Monthly Cosmic Care Kit. It comes with all the crystals needed to do the meditations above, along with crystal jewelry, tips, techniques, intentions and affirmations to help you stay balanced as you go through your own personal transformation each and every month.

To get more astrological insights specific to each week of Aries, be sure to sign up for our email list to have them sent directly to you at the start of each week.
Many blessings,

- The AEC Family 

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