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AEC Family & Jeremy Werner - Apr 19, 2021

Astrology Outlook & Healing Tips for Taurus Season

taurus zodiac outlook

April 19, 2021 – May 20, 2021
Taurus gemstone: Emerald
Ruling Planet: Venus
Venus Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli, White Beryl, Quartz, Danburite, Diamond

For all of us here at AEC, improving our balance and harmony with the universe is something we're always working to improve. Over the years we've noticed that as soon as we seem to be getting a handle on things, something changes seemingly out of the blue bringing challenges and disruption to our life. Yay.

After more than enough times of looking in the mirror and screaming, "WTH!" we began to see a pattern. These shifts almost always aligned with either the moon phases or some other astrological shift. As we began to take note of these events and adjust our spiritual growth and self-care routines around them there was a new shift, progress!

We finally began seeing the consistent growth we wanted. It felt like our spiritual journey had finally started for real. And while it was just a new beginning, it also felt like an end. The end of an old lifestyle and belief system we had been trying to shed for years. 

After continuing this practice for awhile we started thinking about how we could improve it. What if we could plan a detailed breakdown of the best practices for each zodiac season on a week by week basis? And already have our crystals preselected and have meditations and affirmations ready to go so that even when things got hard we knew what to do. So we asked our teacher, Akashic Astrologer Jeremy R. Werner, if he would be willing to give us his astrology insight to help with this and he said yes!

We loved it so much and have found so much benefit from it that we wanted to share it with all of you in the form of monthly posts here on our blog. Here is the outlook for this Taurus season:

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Riches abound.
Know your own value.

The middle of Spring is here, and it’s time to tend the garden! Yes, as the Sun enters Taurus, the seasonal light shines on the rich Earth and nurtures the wondrous seeds growing below the surface. If you have the veritable green thumb, this is the season to plant cucumbers, melons, squash, root vegetables and other delectables. We also have the opportunity to tend to our own Inner Garden, where we grow our inner worth and live by our own values.

The energy of Taurus is slow, steady, practical and down-to-Earth, the qualities of fixed Earth. Taureans need stability, money and material goods to feel secure and may become stubborn when pushed. This Sign of the Bull is ruled by Venus and represents our sensual nature and enjoyment through the senses. So, enjoy your favorite foods, share with friends and loved ones and surround yourself with what brings you pleasure and comfort. Savor your life!

Meditating with tumbled Emerald connects us to the Earth, awakens the Heart to new life force and aligns us with the Forces of Nature. It is a great Stone Ally to nurture your own Seeds of Potential.  

Time for Change Sign With Led Light

Tending the Inner Garden: A Meditation Ceremony

Make a list of what you would like to manifest in your life. Place the list in front of a lit candle that represents the life-giving Sun. Then, hold a tumbled Emerald in each hand, and sit comfortably with eyes closed. Take a few slow, deep breaths to connect with your body and feel your feet contacting the Earth.

Next, bring your awareness to your Heart Chakra at the center of the chest and take in the color of the tumbled Emerald. Breathe it deeply into yourself and allow it to fill your entire body. Once you feel this energy flowing, ask to see your Inner Garden. Notice the landscape that appears and explore its qualities. 

Explore it from every direction and tend to it as you would a physical garden. Clear away old debris, till the soil and prepare the ground for planting. Add Love as fertilizer for the Soul.

Time for Change Sign With Led Light

Now, look at your list and see that each item represents a Seed of Potential. Plant each Seed in the Inner Garden and activate each Element one-by-one: Earth for containment, grounding, sustenance and stability; Water for Love and the flow of Life; Fire as the Sun for warmth, awakening and new Life Force; and Air for inspiration, communication and sharing with the World. 

Experience the sensual dance of the Elements as they support the sprouting and growth of your goals and aspirations. Meditate for as long as desired. Afterwards, draw or paint your Inner Garden and tend to it now and then in meditation. Take action in your waking life to manifest your goals and notice the effects. Watch your potentials come to life!

Astro Aspects

The Mercury-Venus-Sun-Uranus stellium in Taurus with Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus, we are infused with nourishing energies that enrich our bodies, Hearts and minds. Our purpose aligns with what is valuable, meaningful and practical in our lives, and our minds gain a new optimism, focus and determination. Our body’s sensual perceptions open, and we experience our feelings more physically. With the Sun and Mercury separating from a square to Pluto as well, we may continue to gain new insights about deeply-rooted issues from the past that are ready for transformation.

Venus is at home in its own Sign of Taurus, so this month is also blessed with new relational integrity and expression. With Venus conjoining Uranus in Taurus and semi-squaring Neptune in Pisces, we open to new spiritual perspectives and a greater experience of Universal Love, but not without some challenges! This influence brings relational changes and calls us to know our Spiritual Hearts in the Here & Now. By staying grounded in reality, we can see the truth of our relationships rather than losing ourselves in fantasy, projection and expectation. Be clear in what you need with family and friends and welcome mutual growth together. A new spiritual adventure awaits you! 

Meanwhile, the Saturn-Uranus square continues to play out as described in the Aries report:

“The effects of the recent Saturn-Uranus square on February 17 will continue to unfold throughout the year. Saturn, the Planet signifying old traditional ways, is in conflict with Uranus, the Planet signifying unexpected and sudden changes that disrupt the status quo. We are in a time of great change and need to question what it is that we need, both personally and collectively, to evolve our world. The old ways, paradigms and traditions that are not congruent with our path forward are being challenged by new, inspiring and practical ideas. Attachment to the past sustained by unresolved grief perpetuates suffering and keeps us frozen in place.”

Continue to contemplate your life and direction. Identify what safety and stability you need as a basis for healthy and timely change. As the saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new!” But be sure you’re not discarding aspects of your life haphazardly. Be methodical, intentional and clear, and keep what you need for your inner foundation. Then you’ll find that the space you’re creating is what is needed for your new life to take root.

To support you in relationship during this time, wear or carry the stone triad of Girasol, Lapis Lazuli and Rhodonite. Girasol supports one through difficult times and transitions, clears and calms the mind, enhances communication and fosters a greater sense of community.

Lapis Lazuli offers protection and enhanced perception and awakens one’s True Self. Rhodonite soothes and heals the Heart, bolsters will power and supports cooperation in relationship. Together, this stone triad supports you in growing through relationship and expressing your truth for the greatest benefit of all involved.

Mars in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius

Air Signs represent the mental plane, communications and relationships. Gemini signifies the intellect while Aquarius signifies the intuition. This dynamic trine between Mars and Jupiter in Air Signs gives our minds new ideas, energy and drive that we can use creatively in all our interactions this month. Our sense of justice is heightened, and we may find ourselves spearheading a humanitarian cause. Identify what matters most to you and what you wish to put your energy and will behind. With this powerful duo cheering you on, you may find new motivation and make that quantum leap you’ve been waiting for!

To open the Higher Mind and energize the aura while staying grounded and balanced in the body, use White Selenite, Carnelian and Hematite in a stone layout. Selenite opens the Crown Chakra, purifies the mind and connects one with intuition and inner guidance.

hematite stone

Carnelian clears the aura, purifies the body and activates the flow of life force. Hematite grounds the mind and balances the energies of the body.

hematite stone

Lie down and place a small White Selenite above the top of the head to activate the Crown Chakra. Then, place a Carnelian on the Heart Chakra at the center of the chest and hold a Hematite in each hand. Take a few slow, deep breaths and relax. When you feel the flow of energies, begin to think about how you wish to direct your will. Think of your goals and projects and allow ideas to flow. Notice the flow of energy through your body and mind as the stone layout takes effect. Meditate for as long as desired. When complete, remove the stones in the reverse order and clear the mind. Let yourself relax for a while before gently sitting up. Journal your experience and any insights, and remember to take appropriate action in your life to manifest your ideas step-by-step.

Written by Jeremy R. Werner, The Akashic Astrologer

We hope you found the insight from this months outlook useful. It's a great opportunity to reap the benefits of the hard work you put in during Aries season and set foundations for moving forward!

For anyone looking for extra support or guidance with their spiritual practice during this time we have our Monthly Cosmic Care Kit. It comes with all the crystals needed to do the meditations above, along with crystal jewelry, tips, techniques, intentions and affirmations to help you stay balanced as you go through your own personal transformation each and every month.

To get more astrological insights specific to each week of Aries, be sure to sign up for our email list to have them sent directly to you at the start of each week.
Many blessings,

- The AEC Family 

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