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Benefits of Crystal Jewelry

Written by Lisa D'Arrigo

crystal jewelry

Crystal Jewelry

These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of. ~ George Eliot

Ah! Crystal jewelry, such a gift from the earth, bringing forth her natural beauty, power and love in a sacred way that is so accessible. Whether you choose your stones by color, the pulse of life force that it sparks in you, or by intention, we can all walk with gratitude for the gifts of natures beauty and healing prowess.   

Wearing gemstone jewelry as a form of adornment goes way back to ancient times. It was a practice among the more wealthy members of society to show affluence and power.  But there existed (and still exists) deeper and more sacred meanings to the gemstones that were specifically chosen for their properties of empowerment, and protection, health and prosperity.  

If you’ve ever visited a large museum you’ve see remains of broaches or necklaces inlaid with semi-precious stones.  These artifacts are a works of art conjuring scenes of opulence and beauty from a bygone era and connecting us to the past via our love for jewelry and sacred connection.

In Ancient Egypt, stones were inlaid in jewelry and also worked into the sarcophagus and death masks of the pharaohs.  King Tut’s mask in the Cairo museum is a stunning example of craftsmanship in gold inlaid with lapis lazuli, and carnelian (among other stones). The infamous Queen Cleopatra was said to wear carnelian necklaces, amethyst jewels and lapis lazuli eye make-up.

natural amethyst necklace

If you read the recent blog post, Everything is Energy, then you already know that crystals (gemstones, semi-precious stones, all referring to the same thing here) hold their own energy and vibrate at their own frequency.  

Wearing crystal jewelry can be beneficial in so many ways, restoring balance and bringing you into alignment … and speaking to energy, when a gemstone is in your energy field it can have a positive effect on your well-being. 

Whether you are seeking to ignite vibrancy and passion, peace and calming energy, love and happiness, or hoping to increase your intuition and your connection to the divine, crystal jewelry can help you walk the path.

While wearing gemstones in any form can be helpful, it’s generally accepted that crystals that touch your skin directly are more beneficial than a stone that is entirely encased in a metal or silver. That’s one of the reasons I love crystal bracelets so much. They are a simple and practical way to infuse your energy field with some earth medicine.

For the purposes of crystal healing and working with crystals in your energy field, having stones come into direct contact with your skin is preferred.  Gemstone bracelets, necklaces or pendants entirely of natural stone or with an open back have more bang! In the same vain, wire wrapped stones are another great option.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of pieces in my sacred jewelry collection that are encased in sterling silver, so that the stone is not touching my skin directly and still I find these to be absolutely wonderful and beneficial. In that case, the sheer beauty of the stone may be all that is needed to raise your vibration and bring you up to a higher level.  You might consider this piece a talisman or an amulet that brings you in touch with your intention. Either way, the stone is still in your energy field and working at a subtle level. And when you look at it, it acts as visual juju, bringing a smile to your face and sweetly raising your vibration.

How do you choose gemstone jewelry to buy or wear on a given day?

Here are some tips on choosing the piece to buy:

  • Attraction - of course this is tops. Are you attracted to the piece and is it speaking to your soul on a beautiful level? If you are and you keep coming back to it, then it’s likely the #1 piece for you.  Now, if you are questioning yourself here are some additional perspectives that can help you make a decision.

Rose Quartz and Morganite Bracelet
  • Chakra Alignment - have you been to an energy healer or intuitive and they’ve recommend a stone for you for chakra balancing? Or perhaps you know intuitively that a crystal is calling to you, like it’s something you need right now.  I’d pay attention to this because it’s like a little love note from the Universe. Lately I’ve been really drawn to Tigers Eye, Citrine and Amber … so this is telling me that I need some Solar Plexus chakra activation, to boost up with self-empowerment, confidence and willpower stones and I’m on it! Wearing pendants, rings and bracelets to call in that energy.  

  • Goals - are you looking for love? Health and well-being? Prosperity, Peace? You can choose crystal jewelry that aligns with your intentions or goals. You can even mindfully set an intention when you wear it.  This can help you align and connect with the energies of your intention via your sacred jewelry and go in the direction you want your life to take.

  • Astrology- if you are new to crystal jewelry and energy healing you might not know where to start with the above ideas, no worries!  You can always choose a piece that resonates with your Zodiac Sign.  For example, I’m a Cancer so Moonstone pieces always call to me :) For my daughter, the Aquarius, amethyst is a great place to start for her.   

  • Elements - another way to connect and tap into earth medicine is through the elements. This can be an extension of your Zodiac sign as all 12 correspond with one of the four main elements. Again, I’m a Cancer so as a water sign I might naturally lean towards aquamarine or larimar jewelry. Additionally, I might choose to wear water pieces to heighten my connection with my zodiac sign and energetically tap into my primary element. 

Citrine necklace

So, now you’ve bought your piece and you’ve started a collection of sacred jewelry. How do you choose when you’ll wear them?  

  • Intuition - First and foremost I suggest that you allow your inner knowing, your intuition to guide you.  When I wake up in the morning, I take some time to tap in before choosing the crystal jewelry I want to wear for that day.  I allow my inner knowing to lead the way, but also consider what the day entails.

  • For me it’s not really about matching fashionably but instead I aim to match my energetic vibration, or what I might need or want to call in on that day. I have certain stones I always wear when traveling. I have special stones that I reach for when I’ll be in a sacred space and others if I’m teaching or practicing crystal healing or reiki.  So this choice is very individual and I think you’ll find that more you flex your intuitive muscle in this way, the more natural it becomes and the more you will trust your own guidance system.

    • Intention - This one is such a beautiful way to work with crystal jewelry.  What is your intention for that day, week, month? Perhaps you are wearing the same piece for several weeks while you work towards living mindfully.  Or maybe you have a big presentation and want support to present your most empowered self (Tigers Eye!). Or maybe you have a team meeting and want to speak your truth (Amazonite!). Choosing gemstone jewelry to support your intentions can help you stay on your path and gracefully navigate daily life.

    • Pendulum - Now if you work with this type of tool already  (Yes, I carry one in my purse ;)  then you know it can be so helpful when you can’t decide which pieces to wear or buy or just if you want to quickly choose.  You can just hover your pendulum over a piece of crystal jewelry and ask if that’s the one for you for that day. It’s fun!

    How much is too much?  

    Now, I am a lover of jewels, pendants, rings, malas, bracelets, - all sorts of sacred adornment. So, my objective would never be to limit the number of pieces someone has in their collection - LOL.  But when I ask how much is to much, I’m talking about the stones you are wearing at a given time. Are 10 bracelets too much? Four necklaces? I presently have on 11 rings! (of course some are small stacks and thumb rings  ;)

    It’s true, I do often wear many pieces of crystal jewelry at one time. What it boils down to is not so much how much is to much - but rather how many different types of crystals are too many at one time?

    Basically this is personal preference and depends on how sensitive you are to crystal energies.  But I do suggest that you aim to wear complementary stones.

    crystal jewelry pairing

    Complimentary Stones

    Wearing complimentary stones, like a stack of three bracelets, can help you stay on track with your intention.  And while we are not looking for matchy matchy here, you’ll often find yourself wearing complimentary pieces because of your intention.  

    As I mentioned above, lately I cannot seem to get enough of tigers eye, amber and citrine.  This combination has been pulling me in almost daily for the last 6 weeks. And it just so happens that those three stones look great together, so win-win.

    Now, these tips are just that; they are ideas and guidelines for you to consider.  But there’s really no hard and fast rules here. Something more to think about … after a crystal healing session, sometimes my clients and I will discuss what gemstones they might want to wear or carry with them to continue the work.  And often people will actually walk in to my studio wearing lots of crystal jewelry. Before starting our session, I ask them to remove their gemstone jewelry so there won’t be any interference with the crystals that we’ll work with during the session.  Basically I’m looking for the message to be clear and not muddled in any way.

    Well one day, after her session, a client and I were talking and she was putting her gemstone bracelets back on and asking for some recommendations on what would be beneficial for her with respect to her intentions.  And I noticed that she was wearing both a lepidolite bracelet and a carnelian bracelet. So, first off - I recommended that she stick with whatever feels good to her, that she should not change a thing if she was feeling good.  However, I explained that I would not personally choose, nor would I spiritually prescribe wearing those two stones together. Why? Because they are sending out two very different vibrational frequencies. The energy of lepidolite is calming and peaceful, serene and restful.  While the energy of carnelian is quite different, in fact, it’s rather vibrant and caffeinated. And so the message that’s getting sent out is confusing and muddled and it’s not clear what the goal is.

    Are you Drawn to Certain Stones?

    Earlier I mentioned how it’s a wonderful practice to listen to your inner guidance, those love notes from the Universe.  Taking that further, do you ever notice that you are drawn to or have an affinity for certain stones at certain times of your life?  Or perhaps you have a favorite stone and already own a dozen different jewelry pieces of one stone? (hello Moonstone over here!) And keep buying more? There’s nothing wrong with that!  I love to have my favorite stones in multiple shapes in sizes so I can mix and match comfortably with other pieces. I also like to mix up the textures including chip stones, large faceted pieces, raw pieces, or round and smooth.

    Well, of course what you are drawn to can change from time to time.  This happens to me frequently so I am grateful that I have a lot of choices that I've either purchased, been gifted or have handmade over the years.  I honor and cherish each piece.   And having built a collection,  I am very thankful for the variety of choices I have. As you continue to mindfully select your pieces and as your crystal jewelry collection grows it provides you freedom of creative expression all the while bringing the benefits of crystal energy into your daily life.

    Jewelry is a deep pool of visual pleasure, have fun with it!  Enjoy yourself as you choose new pieces. Have fun picking out the jewelry that you'll take on a trip or wear to an important event. The pieces that we continually wear grow in meaning the more we wear them and create that energetic connection.

    Lisa D'Arrigo
    Writer and Editor, Certified Aromatherapist, Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki and Earth Medicine Practitioner

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