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How Do Crystals Work?

Written by Teresa Long

How Do Crystals Work?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Crystals Work The Way They Do?

Stones and crystals affect us in so many ways.  I spent years wondering how they work!

When I was a child, I was given a birthstone ring and was told that the garnet in it was about love and that it would protect me. I was puzzled back then and wondered how it could do that! Much later, when I started collecting beautiful stones and making them into jewelry, I became really curious about why and how they affect the people who wear them.

So how do crystals work the way the way they do? 

crystal energy


Everything in the universe is energy . . . everything, including stones and crystals and people. And, everything vibrates, each in a little bit different way from everything else. Another important part of the answer to this question is that everything in creation affects everything else. 

A stone resonates with whatever is around it and affects the vibration of anything that is nearby. When we hold or wear a stone or a crystal, its vibration affects our vibration, and that affects us!


Stones and crystals have been created in the universe, in and on the earth for millions of years.  When we come in contact with these amazing elements, we are receiving the power of the sun, the stars, the moon and our own planet, earth. With the direct connection to the universe around us, crystals and stones can be universally healing.

 The people of ancient civilizations used crystals as talismans, peace offerings and enhancement of spiritual connection as well as for physical and emotional healing. How this happens depends upon what a stone or crystal is made of, how it was made, what shape and color it is and how we interact with it. 

For example, a piece of turquoise, big or small, can strengthen us. It can help us to feel calm inside and clear negative energy from around us. Jewelry made of Jasper is very nurturing; it can heal us in different ways, depending on the type of Jasper it is. Amethyst protects; it also balances highs and lows and helps with memory, insomnia, motivation, spirituality and many other things.


Healing stones can be used to manifest our intentions - - what we want to happen in our lives. When we know clearly what we intend and how the vibration of a particular stone or crystal affects us, we can hold or wear the stone that produces the effect that we want in our lives and what we need, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And if we focus on what we intend to happen, for ourselves, for others or for the environment, we create powerful vibrations within ourselves.

setting intentions for crystals

 If we do this with enough clarity and  focus while holding or wearing a crystal or stone, the vibrations of that ancient element will resonate with the vibrations coming from us, and this vibrational field will be very powerful. There is a current created and our intention sends that energy into the world.  The more specific our intention is, the more powerful it is! Be sure that you are very clear about what you intend. If you don’t know for sure what you intend, what happens may not be what you want at all! 

There is scientific evidence showing how important our thoughts can be.  For example, this was demonstrated in the work of Marcel Vogel. He grew crystals in a lab and watched them growing under a microscope. He found that his thoughts affected how they grew, changing the way the bonds between molecules were constructed. His work has shown that rocks can use magnetic energy to store thoughts much like electronic devices do. What we think and intend may be much more powerful than we may have even imagined. 


After stones have been selected and enhanced with our intentions, their vibrations continue to affect us for a time and to help us whenever we hold or wear them.  Another way that they continue to help us is that they are a beautiful reminder of our intentions. If we take the time to really get to know the stones and the energies they share, what we feel in their presence is a very strong reminder of the changes we intend.

I feel the power of the stones very strongly.  In my classes on the use of stones and crystals for healing, we held each of the stones, closed our eyes and said, “I open my heart that you might know me.  Open your heart that I may know you.” The qualities of the stones that I felt when we did that was amazing.  Each stone has its own special energetic sensation and message. Since that time I have used my interactions with stones and my intentions to heal and manifest many changes.  I am so grateful to these ancient elements and the effect they have had on my life.


We can see that how we interact with our crystals is very important to how they can help to change our lives. Stones also need to be handled with respect and to be thanked for the help that they give. These ancient elements are a wonderful blessing from Mother Earth and our appreciation needs to be expressed.

Stones can be specially blessed as well. I bless stones with Universal White Time Healing, an advanced energy healing system that is a beautiful manifestation of light and love. The power of stones can be greatly magnified with powerful energetic healing techniques. May you all be blessed very abundantly with the stones you choose!



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  • Thank you for your beautiful descriptions of the crystals. You create a symphony of light and love to the understanding of the power of crystals.

    Posted by Elizabeth David | September 16, 2019
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