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Stones for Summer

Written by Lisa D'Arrigo

Best Crystals and Stones for Summer

Crystals and Stones for the Summer Season

For most of us summer burns hot, in all ways. It’s a time of getting outside for the longest days and staying there for as many hours as possible.  Connecting with friends, lazing by the river, strolling on the beach, celebrations and family adventures plus time by the campfire.

During the summer season, we are naturally drawn to things that are cool.  We seek out a dip in the lake, a cold lemonade or iced tea, the fan or the AC turned on high. The days are full of high energy and brightness from sunrise to sunset.  Summer beckons more socializing, music and barbecues.

With respect to crystal energy and gemstones, while some days you may be drawn to the more traditional and empowering sunny stones of Citrine, Sunstone, Tigers Eye, Amber … you  might find that you actually need stones that bring cooling calming energy.

calming sunset energy

Summer Season

Summer is already high energy.

During summer the sun is at its zenith.  Temperatures are reaching record highs, your skin gets sunburned, the pavement is steaming.  And too much heat all around can lead to short tempers, arguments, frustrating and negative emotions.

From the perspective of Ayurveda - the ancient Vedic art of healing and sister science to yoga … we should look to balance these energies.  Ayurveda teaches us to find balance of mind and body. Considered by many to be the oldest healing practice in the world and often called the “science of life” Ayurveda tells us that summer is the season of Pitta - or the season of fire energy and stamina. 

Similarly in ancient Celtic teachings, and in the tradition of the Wheel of the Year, summer is said to be the season of fire and masculine energy.  

So, in order to find balance in summer, we might want to put out the fire just a little bit and call in some watery feminine energies.

In Ayurveda, you can approach this balance by eating foods that are cooling and practicing yoga asanas that are more Yin - slower and more lunar in nature.  Coconut oil, the solid form that turns quickly to liquid in the warmth of your hand (or in a pan if you use it for cooking), is cooling both internally and externally.  So it’s equally beneficial in summer to use coconut oil to bring cooling in the kitchen or applied to your skin after a nighttime bath or shower.

From this holistic approach we can look at crystals that help us to achieve and maintain greater balance during this solar season. We can work with crystals that represent cooling both energetically and aesthetically.  So, we’ll be taking a look at summer stones from a standpoint of cool waters and island breezes. Calming, tranquil stones reminiscent of beach holidays and long walks in the sand.

cooling ocean energy

Five Crystals for Summer

1.  Larimar - Straight out of the Caribbean (Dominican Republic to be exact), Larimar is a gorgeous ocean blue that calls to mind warm waters and white sands. It even looks like the ocean with the ripples of white waves across the surface of the stone and it’s considered the Dolphin stone.  The Dominican Republic is the only source of Larimar and was discovered in the 70’s by a local and a Peace Corps Volunteer. Wearing Larimar can transport you to a cool, shady place for relaxation.  It can also help calm fiery emotions.

Larimar, Ocean Jasper, and Moonstone Crystals

2  Ocean Jasper - Jasper of any variety is considered a supremely nurturing stone. With its slower vibration it is grounding and balancing. It can embrace and nurture a frazzled spirit. Ocean Jasper in particular is a stone of happiness.  It carries a delightful vibration and brings joy.  Most Ocean Jasper is found in Madagascar and comes from an underwater mine that is only accessible during certain tides. This stone is closely connected to the ocean and the cyclical pull of the moon. 

3.  Aquamarine - Aquamarine is a green-blue beryl.  In Latin aquamarine translates to ‘Water of the Sea’.  Considered to be a mermaid stone, it’s the ultimate crystal representation of cool waters and soft ocean breezes. Historically, it was carried by sailors as a talisman of protection on long voyages. Aquamarine is peaceful and soft.  Its vibration feels like you're floating on the water and being gently carried by the natural rhythm of the sea. This serene stone radiates an Aloha vibe.

4.  Moonstone - Moonstone is related to the zodiac sign Cancer and is also the stone of the Goddess.  Another water element crystal, moonstone brings fluidity, grace and ease. It’s especially good for heightening your intuition and tapping into lunar energy.  It can also open up your connection with the Divine Feminine.  Pairing it with Sunstone around the Summer Solstice is a wonderful practice for equalizing Yin/Yang.  I’ve traditionally worn this gemstone combination (Moonstone + Sunstone) for many years on the days leading up to and around the Summer Solstice as well as around the equinoxes. It helps to keeps me connected to the seasons and to mindfully seek balance with Moon/Sun, Feminine/Masculine, Dark/Light.

5. Amazonite - Just looking at the blue green colors of Amazonite has you thinking about shady banks where stress is carried away on the wind. This stone has powerful cooling properties,  particularly for the Throat Chakra and around communication. Amazonite worn as a necklace can help you stay mindful, and encourage you to consider another's point of view. It can also serve as a touchstone to remind you to think before you speak.  Amazonite works to cool fire in your words to impart a softer and truthful expression.

Other cooling stones you might like are: Amethyst, Pearl, Turquoise, Chrysocolla.

Balancing Lunar Practices

Some additional practices that you can work into your daily routine to keep things cool in summer include:

  • Earthing:  Taking off your shoes and walking barefoot in the grass.  Making a habit of doing this daily, first thing in the morning in the cool grass will help connect you with the earths energy and balance and ground your mind, body and spirit.  Or you could take a long walk in the sand. If you are able to go barefoot for any point of time this summer, to take your shoes off and let the bottoms of your feet connect directly with earth energy, just do it!   This is a technique called earthing and it has a multitude of health benefits. It’s like you are filling up your cup with earth energy and that grounding continues to support you as you move through your day.

  • Take a Quiet Moment:  Sit in silence for a few minutes outside.  Or drop into a meditation by the river or under a shady tree.  Take a moment to breath in the fresh air and just be with nature.  Try to wear or carry any of the stones listed above to support you on the long hot days.  

  • Moonbeams:   Bask in the moonlight.  Sleep under the stars or simply kick back in your lounge chair or hammock in the dark.  Throw down a yoga mat in your backyard for a few minutes and enjoy the cool night air under the light of the moon. This practice is immensely cooling and if your barefoot you can get some earthing done at the same time.  :)

Lisa D'Arrigo
Writer and Editor, Certified Aromatherapist, Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki and Earth Medicine Practitioner

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